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Calisthenics Write For UsBasically, callisthenics is an increasingly popular exercise practice. Although it has become known in recent years, it is an ancient form of training. It involves excellent resistance. In urban areas, it is mutual to see facilities that favour Calisthenics.

This post will talk about what callisthenics is and its main benefits. It is important to note that it is unnecessary to have professional implements or advanced machines. I can do it from home. Body weight is the “number 1 tool” to carry it out.

What is Calisthenics?

Its name stems from the Greek; kallos (beauty) and Athens (strength). Its a training in which the body’s weight is used to develop resistance.  These exercise practices pursue the goal of developing agility, flexibility and strength.

Men and women can perform calisthenic exercises. They do not require weights or any tool or material to execute them. In fact, among the most basic are the famous squats and pull-ups. An outstanding aspect is that they can performed by young and old.

Callisthenics encompasses a wide variety of sports techniques. Therefore, all kinds of physical exercises in which body weight is used to exert tension on the body fall under the definition of Calisthenics.

Some of the movements are very similar to those in Olympic gymnastics. The “street workout” is a street workout that is usually done in public areas and in groups. Iron bars are used to achieve coordinated movements and excellent strength. Callisthenics is very popular in the US and Latin America.

What parts of the body does Calisthenics work?

With this type of sports practice, you manage to have total control of your body. Of course, there are different routines in which attention is given to the legs or the arms. However, some exercises manage to exert tension in the abs and even help develop the pecs better.

According to the exercise routine, the body can shaped.Meanwhile, you can work the upper or lower body. It can perform the whole body at the same time.

What are the benefits of calisthenic exercises?

Callisthenics serves to achieve better physical conditioning. However, it allows you to lose body weight. Of course, it can also help achieve the opposite effect, increasing muscles. However, it is complex since combining it with other routines, and eating habits are necessary to increase body mass.

Can perceive the benefits of calisthenic exercises In less than a month. therefore, these benefits are comprehensive. Next, we will indicate the most outstanding.

  • Promotes flexibility and elasticity
  • Increases physical resistance
  • Burn fat and help lose weight
  • Promotes postural control
  • Strengthens the joints
  • It helps improve mood, reduces stress
  • body toning
  • Definition of muscle groups
  • It supports the cardiovascular system
  • Prevents heart-related problems

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