Amazon Prime India is home to the Hindi-language online series Farzi, which premiered in 2023. The protagonists of the tale are a young child named Sunny, his pal Firoz, and Sunny’s illicit fake money making company. The main plot points revolve around his entry into this realm, his survival in the criminal underworld, and his ultimate destination.

Raj and DK are the creators of Farzi; they previously created the Indian television series “The Family Man,” which was regarded as one of the greatest in the country. The Family Man was praised for its superb action, amazing perspectives, gorgeous views, and darker but humorous turns. They did the same thing in Farzi, which is a very interesting show that shows how society discriminates against the affluent and the poor, and how this prejudice just becomes worse over time. How the middle class makes ends meet and is prevented from pursuing prospects for wealth.

In the episode, Sunny, who has given up on ever-rising beyond his current state of poverty, prints counterfeit money. The finest thing about Farzi is that it is balanced; neither the protagonist nor the antagonist is shown to be overly smart. Farzi is about an inquiry officer who is desperate to expose every counterfeit cash scheme while also juggling his personal life. We had become engrossed with the show’s whole castaways.

Farzi, a Shahid Kapoor series: is it worth watching?

Farzi, a Shahid Kapoor series: is it worth watching?

Farzi is a Hindi action-thriller web series starring Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Raashii Khanna, and Kay Kay Menon as the major protagonists. The story, which was directed by Raj and DK, is on a teenage artist who, after a challenging childhood, turns to a life of crime and retaliation.

After learning a technique for creating phoney notes that are imperceptible even by state-of-the-art equipment, the artist finds themselves caught in a lethal network.

Even though the Amazon Prime Video original series revolves around the farzi notes, the idea is completely unique. The creators of The Family Man enthral their audience with a gripping tale through potent performances, smart one-liners, and thrilling sequences once more.

If you’re in the mood for a nice criminal thriller this weekend, Farzi could be the programme you’re searching for. This eight-episode Indian series achieves a lot of things really well, albeit it falters towards the end with a few of unsteady episodes. Farzi features excellent performances, a few charming side stories, and plenty of drama and action.

The story of Farzi Wiki

The story of Farzi Wiki

Shahid Kapoor’s persona Sunny is an artist and the main character of Farzi. He is compelled to make ends meet by crawling and receives a pathetic little salary. Still, as an artist, he uses his own techniques. In an attempt to rescue his grandfather’s printing machine, performed by Amol Palekar, Sunny finds his talent for forging false notes, which will end all of his problems. Additionally, he has perfected the process to the point that the fake notes seem authentic. Technology finds it difficult to distinguish false ones. The police officer Michael, played by Vijay Sethupathi, has his sights set on Sunny. Sunny was duped by a group into working for Kay Kay Menon.

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What occurs when a creative person violates the law? What transpires when he begins to view a simple bank note as a difficult piece of art? The talented writers and directors Raj and D.K. have a remarkable talent for crafting likeable characters that are confronting contemporary social and political issues. Their canvas grows larger than life, yet they handle it with the dexterity of skilled artisans eager to interpret the kaleidoscope of feelings and concepts with a thread tinged with sarcasm. They broaden the realm of the everyday secret agent that they established with The Family Man with Farzi. The possibilities are tantalising, yet following eight episodes that are full of laughs and shivers,

What Made The Series Work?

What Made The Series Work?

The best thing about Farzi is Shahid Kapoor. Shahid is a superb actor because he is able to capture the exact appearance and feel of his role. It goes without saying that Vijay Sethupathi, who makes his Hindi cinema debut with Farzi, is the greatest. The fans value Sethupathi’s decision to speak in the series rather than just dub. It’s funny to listen to him speak in slurred Hindi during dialogue, but it’s much more entertaining to hear him use profanity. This strengthens his character and lends him greater credibility.

Amol Palekar, Kay Kay Menon, Raashii Khanna, and more outstanding performers complete Farzi’s outstanding supporting ensemble. Each of these well-known artists did a fantastic job portraying their Farzi characters. Farzi has only strengthened Raj and DK’s impressive resumes as directors who have previously shown their mettle on several times.

What Failed To Work?

It is a little disappointing because Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi don’t have any scenes together. The characters are well-developed, but as the narrative thickens, the writing gets worse. A gripping, fast-moving criminal thriller soon transitions into a languid drama. However, things pick up speed very fast, and nothing remains boring after that. You might be disappointed if you were expecting a new movie from the producers of “The Family Man.”

Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi

I have no idea where the phrase “chocolate boy” for a romantic hero originated. Considering that all Desi guys are born in different colours of chocolate, just like girls.

Nevertheless, as they become older, the male leads in mainstream Bollywood should strive to give up that appearance and project a more masculine, if you will. How long can you continue to be the lover-boy, anyhow?

As Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in Pathaan on the big screen is evident. And Shahid Kapoor, the celebrity who was most influenced by SRK. Shahid makes his OTT platform debut with Farzi, a caper that differs greatly from his Badmaash Company (2010). When it comes to copying paintings, he is the moody, robust, silent con artist with a touch of Midas. Where should this talent be applied?

Maybe because of the way Shahid is portrayed in the character or just in general, even if he acts inappropriately, we still end up rooting for him. Surprisingly, as he delves farther and deeper into the world of international crime, his character experiences less and less guilt: “Laalach shauq ko zaroorat mein badal deti hai (greed turns luxuries into necessities).”


The eight-episode series Farzi is enjoyable to watch, yet sometimes it gets tedious due to all the details. Even if the show manages to keep viewers interested all the way through, the writers could have just skipped going into detail about how to make a fake money note. Viewers might expect Farzi Season 2 in the future because the creators left the series unfinished.