For fans of the Dallas Cowboys, watching their favorite team in action is an exhilarating experience. Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or a newly converted fan, finding the best platforms to watch Cowboys games is essential. In this article, we will guide you through various options to catch the Cowboys in action, whether you prefer streaming services, cable TV, or attending games in person.

For devoted Dallas Cowboys fans, the excitement of game day is unparalleled. Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or a recent convert to the Cowboys Nation, finding the best platform to catch every thrilling moment of the game is essential. In this guide, we’ll explore the various options available for watching Cowboys games, ensuring you never miss a touchdown, tackle, or touchdown celebration.

Cable and Satellite TV Providers:

Cable and Satellite TV Providers:

Using cable or satellite TV providers to watch NFL games, including Cowboys games, is one of the most conventional approaches. Cowboys games are frequently televised on networks like as ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, and FOX throughout the regular season and playoffs. To find out which local station will be showing the game, check your listings. You may watch the games from the comfort of your home if you have a cable or satellite plan that includes these channels.

NFL Game Pass:

NFL Game Pass is a great choice if you’d rather have a more customizable and all-encompassing watching experience. All Cowboys games are available for live and on-demand viewing if you have an NFL Game Pass subscription. Additional services offered by this subscription include access to the NFL Films library, game highlights, and shortened game replays. NFL Game Pass is accessible on a number of gadgets, such as game consoles, smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

Streaming Services:

Sports enthusiasts are using streaming services more and more since they provide a handy method to view live events. Major networks, including those that broadcast Cowboys games, may be accessed through services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV. You may try these services out before committing to a membership because they frequently offer free trials. Make sure the streaming provider you select has the channels you need to view Cowboys games locally.

Official Dallas Cowboys Website and Mobile App:

Official Dallas Cowboys Website and Mobile App:

The official Dallas Cowboys website and mobile app are valuable resources for fans. While they do not provide live game streaming, they offer extensive coverage, including live game updates, play-by-play commentary, and post-game highlights. These platforms are ideal for fans who want to stay updated with the team’s progress and access exclusive content.

Attending Games in Person:

For the ultimate Cowboys game experience, attending a game in person at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is an unparalleled opportunity. Witnessing the electric atmosphere, cheering alongside fellow fans, and being a part of the action is an unforgettable experience. Check the official Dallas Cowboys website for ticket information and game schedules.

Traditional TV Broadcasts:

For local fans, tuning in to traditional TV broadcasts is a classic and reliable option. Major networks like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN often air Cowboys games during the regular season. Check the local broadcasting schedule to ensure you’re tuned in when the Cowboys hit the field.

NFL Game Pass:

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to follow the Cowboys throughout the season, NFL Game Pass is a fantastic choice. With live streaming, on-demand replays, and exclusive content, this subscription service ensures you’re always in the loop, even if you can’t catch the game live.

Cable and Satellite Providers:

Many cable and satellite providers offer sports packages that include channels broadcasting NFL games. Check with your local provider to see if they offer packages that include channels like NFL Network and others that regularly feature Cowboys games.

Streaming Services:

Streaming Services:

In the age of cord-cutting, numerous streaming services provide access to live sports, including NFL games. Platforms like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and fuboTV often include channels that broadcast Cowboys games. Ensure your chosen service offers the necessary sports channels in your region.

Official NFL App:

Stay connected with your favorite team through the official NFL app. This app provides real-time updates, highlights, and access to live streaming for certain games. It’s a convenient way to stay engaged with the Cowboys, especially when you’re on the go.

Local Sports Bars and Restaurants:

If you prefer the communal experience of watching the game with fellow fans, consider heading to a local sports bar or restaurant. Many establishments broadcast NFL games on big screens, creating a spirited atmosphere perfect for cheering on the Cowboys.

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The Dallas Cowboys’ next game is this Sunday, January 7th against the Washington Commanders at 4:25 PM EST. It’s a big game for the Cowboys, as they’re trying to secure a playoff spot. You can watch the game on FOX, NFL+, or 105.3 The FAN.

Here are some additional details about the game:

  • TV: FOX, NFL+, 105.3 The FAN
  • Radio: 105.3 The FAN
  • Location: FedEx Field, Landover, MD
  • Kickoff: 4:25 PM EST

If you’re not able to watch the game live, you can catch the highlights on the Cowboys’ website or on You can also follow along on social media using the hashtag #CowboysNation.


As a Cowboys fan, the options for watching the games are diverse, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. Whether you prefer the comfort of your living room, the convenience of streaming on the go, or the camaraderie of a sports bar, there’s a perfect solution for every fan. Stay updated on the latest schedules, channel listings, and streaming options to ensure you never miss a moment of Cowboys action. So, grab your gear, get ready to cheer, and enjoy every thrilling play of the Cowboys’ journey to victory!

As a devoted Cowboys fan, knowing where to watch their games is crucial to stay connected and support your favorite team. Whether you opt for cable TV, streaming services, official NFL platforms, or attending games in person, there are various options available to suit your preferences. So, grab your Cowboys gear, prepare your snacks, and get ready to cheer on America’s Team as they strive for victory.

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