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Artificial Intelligence: Must we Allow AI to write for us?

If you think that AI isn’t already being used to create content in official publications, think again. Such notable sources as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Associated Press, and Yahoo! Sports are already generating content with AI. Granted, these stories are mostly the who, what, when, and where variety, like sports shorts that focus on successes, scores, and statistics.

But AI isn’t limited to such cut-and-dried writing. Even today, scientists and writers are pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. Chinese sci-fi writer Stanley Chen Qiufan used AI in his novels to generate some of the character dialogue. The AI programming had to be adjusted several times to get the best outcome, but Chen remains excited with the prospect. “We need something fresh to stimulate people’s thoughts and feelings,” he said.

The Start of Artificial Intelligence Writers

AI writing programs have been in development since the 1960s. Back then, computers were able to understand language enough to solve algebra word problems correctly. In 1965, Joseph Weizenbaum (MIT) introduced ELIZA, a program that simulated a psychiatrist’s dialogue.

But practical uses for AI writing didn’t really kick off until around 2015, with the creation of Quill, a program that compiles large amounts of data “and then completely mimics the steps an analyst would take to write a report,” according to its distributor. Or simply put, it’s “from spreadsheets to blog posts.”

In 2016, The Washington Post developed their in-house AI, Heilograf, to help them cover the 2016 Olympics. Their bot-generated short but swift reports that updated medal awards and game outcomes.

AI is even storming the realms of poetry and fiction. Here’s an online test to see if you can distinguish if a poem is written by a human or an algorithm. You may be surprised by the results. Most of us only guessed half of them right.

How Artificial Intelligence Writers can Help you.

The consensus is that AI can take over tedious repetitive writing tasks, like reports or sports news results. For copy that’s straightforward and matter-of-fact, AI writing will suffice.

However, experts agree that Ai is still lacks the human touch. The two examples of AI Writer are so matter-of-fact, they sound soulless. They’re informative but not engaging. AI still lacks the storytelling ability, a very human strength.

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