What is bitcoin?

Like any other currency, Bitcoin is a virtual currency or cryptocurrency that can use to exchange goods or services. Its difference from other traditional currencies like the dollar or peso is that it is not deposited into a central bank account does not depend on a financial institution, and does not exist physically.

Origin of bitcoin

Cryptocurrency was born in 2009 when a man named Satoshi Nakamoto emailed an article to experts in cryptography and digital code. There he describes the characteristics of this digital currency and attaches a code which can process the so-called “mining”, verification and transactions of this virtual currency. It is not yet clear what he will do after leaving office.

How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Do you want to buy bitcoin without verification? No ID? No Records? Without a trace? Anonymously? In this article, you will find a list of sites where you can buy it.

The bitcoin philosophy is precisely this. Be sovereign of your money without explaining it to anyone and without intermediaries. Bitcoin is free to use, and anyone can own it.

Buying Bitcoin without KYC

KYC means “know your client”. Most exchanges require a series of documentation to operate on their platforms: ID, Photos, Selfies, Footer numbers…

I think you can buy BTC in 2 ways:

1. Radical Anonymous

Leaves no trace of any kind. Why? Because we use cash. The problem is that you can only do it if you move your ass, how?:

I was staying with a person. The process is to meet the seller and pay cash. I’ve never done it because I can’t trust it. I think it would have to be with someone you trust.

In Cashiers. There are still some who do not ask for identification. And if there may be no security cameras, all the better.

2. Semianonymous

When we use a digital payment method (slight trace) but do not pass KYC or verification processes.

You must be clear that passing a KYC (documentation submission) is not the same as having to insert your data to make a payment transaction. Buying cryptocurrencies is not illegal

How do we Buy Bitcoin?

Buy BTC in accounts of other countries.

P2P platforms.

Exchanges without KYC.

I have selected the ones with the best reputation from my point of view.

Another important thing. Fees for buying BTC without identification are always higher. It is the price to pay for anonymity. If it pains you to pay commissions, then do a KYC registration on Binance, and you will have much lower commissions.

Let us begin!

Relay to Buy Bitcoin

start with relay because of its simplicity and its good reputation.

If you live in Europe, it can be a good alternative. You can only buy Bitcoin. It only works from mobile phones, and there is no need to set up an account or register. Nor pass KYC .

The operation is simple, you make a bank transfer to a Swiss account (it had to be) and receive the amount on your mobile.

Unlike the rest of the options that you will see, the commissions are not very high (2.5%). If you want to install the APP, you can use my Code: REL12611. You will get a 0.5% discount on all commissions.

You can make purchases at part of €20 and set up recurring payments (an excellent way to save BTC).

LocalCoinSwap  (P2P)

This P2P exchange platform has a good track record. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly to other people. You have many forms of payment available, and the most outstanding is in cash staying with a person .

How is this process? The best thing is that you see it in a video with this little guide.

Hodl Hodl  (P2P) to Buy Bitcoin

It is a reliable P2P trading company that has been around for quite some time and has earned its good reputation. HodlHodl does not hold your purchases, so you need your bitcoin wallet to receive the balances. However, what HodlHodl does is mediate the operation of both people so that there are no problems or scams in the process. Until both parties do not comply, the payment will not be released.

The first thing you need to create an account is a nickname and a good password.

Being a p2p platform, some people are confused about how it works. So I leave you a video tutorial to make it more transparent:

Local Cryptos  (P2P)

Another P2P trading platform is where you can trade with different forms of payment, including cash. At the moment, it is used more in Latin American countries.

I hope these options to Buy Bitcoin without Identification have been helpful to you. You already know that you can write to me in the comments section for any questions or queries.