Tips For Retaining The Freshness Of Your CBD Products – Using organic products is beneficial for health, but sometimes to grab the best in the market, you may have to spend a fortune. So, it is only fair if they make the most out of it. For that, you should also learn how to properly store the products so as not to ruin the quality.

Most organic products do not contain chemical compounds to elongate their shelf life, so they are likely to get spoiled if not kept in the right environment. However, you should also know that different organic products require other storage conditions. For example, you cannot store CBD gummies in the same way you store cookies infused with cannabis. So, if you already have the products in your house, let’s check how to keep them properly.

Why Should You Store CBD Products Correctly?

You are storing your CBD products in a proper condition not only because you have spent your money. Not accurately keeping the products can ruin the purpose of using them. Moreover, we are yet to know the consequences of using products that have lost their effectiveness.

Why Should You Store CBD Products Correctly

So, let’s see what happens if you do not keep CBD products under the proper storage conditions.

  • Oxidation

Oxidation is the most common result of not storing CBD products under the proper storage conditions. It is because the oxygen in the air can oxidize the compounds in the product, thereby reducing its potency.

  • Solidification

Cannabinoids are equally sensitive to heat and cold. Cold can solidify the product altogether. However, it only poses a temporary issue as you can quickly restore the product in its basic form.

  • Negative Impact on Compounds

If the base compounds of a product are spoiled, the product is of no use. In addition, exposure to heat and light can destroy cannabinoids and affect the potency of the products.

Now that you understand how the environment can affect cannabis products let’s help you to learn the correct storage conditions.

How To Store CBD Products?

So, to keep the potency of CBD products intact, it is essential to keep them away from heat, light, and air. The following may help you:

  • Keep Products In A Cool Place

Marijuana and hemp plants react to heat. They either sag, whirl, curl, or even stop trichome production if overheated. So, products with cannabis in them cannot withstand high temperatures.

Therefore, it is best to keep them in a cool place. But that doesn’t mean putting them inside of the refrigerator. You can keep the product away from the window (to avoid strong sunlight), oven and hairdryer.

However, you can keep the products at room temperature if you live in a cold climate. But if you live in a humid environment, you may try to keep the product in the refrigerator. You should also know that CBD solidifies when kept at low temperatures. To solve it, you can place the product in a bucket with warm water and let it return to its liquid state.

Keep Products In A Cool Place

  • Keep Products In An Opaque Container

If you own a CBD product, you should also know that heat and light react similarly to the products. UV rays are usually powerful and have an intense effect on CBD products. If you regularly expose the product to sunlight, the UV rays can destroy the cannabinoid content of CBD products.

However, only natural light is not responsible. Artificial lights also negatively impact the shelf life and potency of the products. Therefore, people usually store CBD oils and tinctures in their original bottles.

  • Keep Products In Airtight Containers

It may come across as surprising that cannabinoids react with air as well. If exposed to air, the oxygen in the atmosphere can oxidize the chemical compounds present in the product. As a result, it leads to oxidative stress, which causes a chemical imbalance in the project, eventually affecting the products’ potency.

Manufacturers initially pack CBD products to avoid the passage of air. So, it is best to keep CBD products in airtight containers. Though one cannot avoid complete exposure to air, you should keep it to a minimum.

The Shelf Life Of CBD Products

The shelf life of all CBD products varies as their ingredients differ. It also depends on the type of extract used in the product. Typically a sealed pack of CBD can be stored for 18-24 months if kept under the right conditions.

However, once you have taken the product out of the package or opened the product’s seal, the product stays fresh for an average of 6 months. If you are using raw CBD products, you should note that they have shorter shelves than those containing only hemp extracts.

How To Check If A CBD Product Has Gone Bad?

It sometimes may get challenging to detect if a CBD product has gone wrong. For example, using a spoiled product may trigger allergies or even lead to severe consequences. So, every user should learn how to check if the product is still fit to use.

These points might help you:

  • The rotten smell of the product is a significant indication. Cannabis typically has a robust earthy smell which indicates that the product is authentic. But if it smells more bitter than expected, then you should immediately stop using the product.
  • You may notice that the product’s color has turned from clear to dark brown.
  • You may notice a foggy coating on the inside of the bottle.
  • There will also be a difference in the texture of the product. The product will lose its thick consistency and will turn comparatively thin.

Final Words

Manufacturers produce organic products under particular conditions. The products, especially those from hemp and marijuana, undergo extensive procedures to remove solvents and heavy metals to maintain their potency. However, after receiving the products, they will be ineffective if the user fails to store them under the right conditions. Therefore, one must use these products optimally.

As a CBD user, you must know the basics, like keeping the product away from light and heat, storing it in opaque jars, and ensuring that the container is airtight. However, beyond a certain period, the shelf life of CBD products expires, and therefore, one should immediately stop using them. In addition, research on the organic compound is ongoing, and researchers are yet to find out the full potential of cannabis, along with the side effects it can lead to. So, it’s best to be on the safe side.