Wellness and Productivity – We have wanted to give you this news for a long time. Since the birth of The Wiki Guide, we have been meeting people with extraordinary value, people who lead their organizations differently. Now is the time to share their experiences to help you transform your organization.

For the first time, Humanas Salud Organizational moderates a practical session on Well-being and Productivity. It will be a day with an eminently practical nature in which we want to show you the profitability of securities when doing business.

What will you find in Healthy Humans? – Wellness and Productivity

In today’s post, I will show you seven good reasons why, without hesitation. You should reserve the morning of December 14 to attend the conference that we will celebrate in Barcelona. I am sure that these eight reasons will help you improve the well-being and productivity of your company.

I have not entertained anymore; let’s start:

1- Benefits of Humanizing companies

The beginning is strong; Mónica Seara will tell you about the Benefits of Humanizing companies. As you know, we are in a time of constant change, where companies are forced to react quickly and efficiently to the demands of an increasingly demanding market. The old paradigm is no longer valid to face the new challenges; we have educated with a Taylorist company style. It is what we know, but now this model is obsolete, and the crisis has only made it evident.

The time has come to a stop treating people like numbers or machines, we are people, human beings, and more and more, these people demand their space in the company to develop, grow, reconcile, create, and add value to society…

2 – Management by Human Values

Jaume Gurt will accompany us to tell you first-hand why when you trust in the potential that all people carry within and you create the stage for them to flourish, the miracle happens!

All people are unique, and all have gifts; management that generates a climate of trust and respect among its collaborators will allow people to express themselves, find out what they are passionate about and give the best of themselves to the service of others.

Creating a community, working as a team, moving towards larger goals, and growing with the harmony and love that generates the company a competitive advantage that few possess. Still, for this, transformational leaders are needed at the service of their team, leaders that allow people to grow…and if people grow, the company grows.

The new management based on human values ​​is the key to the success and well-being of companies.

3 – How it improves the attraction and retention of talent when companies have a soul

Javier L. Crespo will be with us to help us discover how to create strong links with the company’s target talent in this era of liquid work and the VUCA environment.

Persons. Today, talent seeks to identify with the company’s values. The significance of knowing how to transmit the company’s values ​​is essential, but even more, so that the example of the leaders transcends the entire workforce, which is why it is so vital that we reach the “soul” of the company because it is what the companies are looking for.

4 – How technology and gamification help in achieving healthy environments and increase motivation for Wellness and Productivity

Manuel Escobar and María Ángeles Medina will bring the world of mHealth and gamification to your organization.

The use of mHealth as a tool to achieve healthy goals becomes a precious ally; On the one hand, we will know the epidemiological data of the workers and their routines; this will help us to establish challenges with their own Esporti Master’s app to take care of the health of their workers.

At the same time that we analyze data, we also manage to motivate people to practices that will bring them closer to a healthier life. Which will result in greater motivation at all levels. Aligning gamification with mHealth is the best combination to introduce new healthy habits into our lives and even be aware of the ones we have.

5 – Is it possible to make People Management one more asset in the income statement?

That is to say, our blog has told you many times  that “what is not measured cannot be improved and what is not improved ends up degrading.”

However, Marta Gascón has a significant role in the day. She is with us to tell you why starting to measure in HR is no longer just another option to know how we are doing our work but an unavoidable necessity if we want People Management to be an asset in the Organizations’ income statement.

The HR Analytics have as a value proposal to identify the necessary interventions for the objective improvement in this area, collecting the data to create indicators and analyze them to understand which ones are most relevant due to their impact on the strategy.

6 – Happy parents, the best workers. Nursery in the company

Xavier Carruesco will tell us about a confirmed case of his company, KH Lloreda. When you are a father, many fears arise, and Xavier was aware of this aspect that could slow down the growth of his organization.

Years ago, the Labor part could be  Today, and we know this is not the case. When we are parents, we find ourselves in a new situation, and sometimes. However, no matter how exciting it may be, we end up overwhelmed.

In this presentation, you will find out why the workers at KH Lloreda have put aside their worries about getting daycare. Leaving the car in a double row while leaving your child, or not arriving on time to pick him up. Because the meeting is delay…

7 – Benefits of a certification as a healthy company help Wellness and Productivity

Montserrat Vélez & Miriam Hernández from TÜV Rheinland Spain will explain how essential it is for organizations to make a qualitative leap that promotes the health of the people who compose it as a corporate line of work included in the strategic plan.

Therefore, accrediting or certifying a management model will allow you to value all the work done internally and externally. You will gain credibility while gaining health.