Two words that seem like synonyms actually have considerable differences, especially when used when talking about a health service. Is mental health the same as wellness? Why are health and wellness important? How to promote them? How does it relate to The Wiki Guide mission?

 What is health?

Health is defined as the “state in which a living being or organism has no injury or disease and performs all its functions normally.” In this sense, we can say with certainty that most people live in health if we compare them with sick people or with others who suffer from some disease or condition. Health is one of the most precious goods, along with love, family union, work or professional success (“health, money and love”: the trilogy of happiness).

However, something is striking about this concept and the wahowderstand it or how we And it is that people usually worry about health in the presence of the disease. We live in a world where we only care about our health when we see it at risk or in danger. Thus, we have stagnated in a reactive conception regarding this issue: the disease or emergency expect to solve it. But, is there another way of understanding health?

What does the WHO tell us?

The World Health Organization considers mental health a situation in which a person is well, mentally, physically and socially in all respects – it is not just about illnesses and diseases -. In this sense, it is a matter of making one feel healthy. The WHO, therefore, recommends that people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How does the wiki guide understand it?

The Wiki Guide’s goal is to meet people’s needs promptly, that is, at every moment. Whether it is an emergency, a medicine order or virtual consultations, and cancer treatments, however, it has been necessary to change our philosophy based on this concept: wellness, emphasizing promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention and improving the quality of life of our members.

How do you achieve health?

The Wiki Guide focuses on strengthening a vital concept: prevention to make people live longer and better. Only with restraint, the anticipation of damage or dangerous situations can we guarantee a good life. This is, of course, achieved through products and services adapted to the new paradigm of health services. In this sense, it is also considered essential to develop and develop appropriate educational strategies according to their health indicators and be with people at every stage of their lives.

A novel concept

In this context, As Maribel Robles adds, this specialized centre “will allow us to concentrate our efforts on advancing with that goal of well-being. Whose ultimate goal is to offer more years of healthy life .”