Health Benefits Of Each Vegetable

The World Health Organization recommends consuming fruits and vegetables daily to maintain a healthy diet and prevent the development of diseases.

However, the issue is not only limited to this. The recommendation is made by health, diet and nutrition experts to help people make better choices about what they eat and thus gain and maintain good health and, therefore, good quality of life.

Advantages of consuming vegetables and fruits

It allows providing the body with all kinds of valuable nutrients to fulfil different processes.

1. They help us to satisfy our appetite

They help us maintain the feeling of satiety for longer

2. They help us lose weight

The best way to lose weight healthily without starving

  • They control the appetite thanks to their satiating power.
  • They are high in fibre to combat bloating in the abdomen.
  • Moreover, they help us fight fluid retention and constipation.
  • They are low in calories.
  • They help us avoid cravings for sweetsand are the best alternative to eating mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

3. Eating vegetables and fruits helps regulate intestinal transit

essential for good intestinal function

we can have constipation for a few days until the intestine assimilates the increase in fibre.

With patience and drinking a lot of water throughout the day, we can begin to enjoy an excellent intestinal transit without significant complications.

4. They nourish all the organs and systems of the body

they help us to strengthen all the cells, organs and systems of the body

it is advisable to consume whole fruits

5. They provide vitality Health Benefits Of Each Vegetable

Consuming vegetables and fruits is also highly recommended because we obtain enough energy to carry out daily activities through these.

It is not the same to eat a muffin and a coffee, be “active” for a few minutes and then have that need for more than to eat a fruit and not only satisfy your appetite with it but also obtain water and nutrients that give us a more significant amount of energy. For longer.

They have the virtue of significantly increased energy and vitality levels. 

  • Juices are a great option since they contain several pieces of fruit and vegetables in small quantities.
  • The best way for vegetables to provide us with energy is to eat them raw.
  • We can also prepare delicious and complete salads or germinatesome seeds, grains or legumes to multiply the benefits of these foods.

6. Eating vegetables and fruits provides antioxidants

antioxidants, which help us stay healthy and, at the same time, fight ageing.

We should eat, above all, these foods raw.