evening makeup

We all know that wearing evening makeup is our opportunity to look glamorous and elegant, just like a movie actor on the red carpet.

However, many of us have no idea how to achieve it, so in this article, we will show you the simplest tricks to make you look beautiful on that special occasion.

Difference between Day Makeup and Night Makeup

You should know that night makeup usually has darker or more striking tones compared to day makeup since the latter gives us a much more natural and discreet look.

1. Preparation of the face.

It is essential to hydrate the skin of your face before using or doing any makeup because we seek a natural appearance that lasts perfectly for as long as possible.


Remember to wash your face very well and prepare it with serums or facial oils, then apply moisturizer and sunscreen (day makeup), and last but not least, use the primer of your choice. Today there is a wide variety of this beautiful product that will help mattify the shine on your face, reduce the presence of pores and make your makeup last for hours.

2. Eye Makeup Captivate with a stunning look!

Going into makeup, it is best to start with the eye and eyebrow area because some of the products that we will use can be powdery like shadows or glitters, or they can also stain like eyebrow products. So you may need to cleanse your face a bit and then apply foundation and concealers calmly.


The eyes or the lips will always be the protagonists in evening makeup, but you must choose between one or the other, never both together, since it is about looking sophisticated and elegant; otherwise, your makeup will look overloaded, and we don’t want that!


Well-groomed eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, so you should comb them and make them up with a product that lasts all night. Fortunately, many are good, beautiful, and cheap, such as powders, ointments, filler pens, and pencils.

Eye shadows

As we have already said, the eyes or the mouth are always going to be the protagonists in evening makeup, but you must choose between one or the other, never both together, since it is about looking sophisticated; otherwise, your makeup will be you will feel overloaded, and we don’t want that!

Find the shades for your eye shadows according to your clothing. Most of the time, the colours for evening makeup are usually dark or neutral. The truth is that it is not necessary to use these shades all the time; you can also make spectacular makeup with lighter shades. It is not a rule that your shadows are the same as the colour of your dress; you can contrast them in a flirty and glamorous way.

How to make up the perfect eyebrows?

The first point you should make is to outline your eyebrows with the product you chose, fill in hair by hair and do not forget to fix them with a transparent gel or pomade.

Now take a flat brush and apply concealer around the eyebrows and blend them outwards; this step will make them look unique, more natural and without any product stains. The concealer that you place under the eyebrows can be blended towards the eyelid to serve as a primer when starting to apply the shadows.

Put on your shadows step by step

1. Prepare your eyelids for makeup

Just as the face is previously prepared with a primer, the eyelids also have to go through this procedure so that the makeup lasts much longer and, in the same way, matches the colour of our skin and covers imperfections such as small spots or veins.

2. Now, you must choose the shades for your makeup

remember that some must be darker than others and that they must make a good match between them.

3. Place a medium colour shadow in the eye socket

(transition shade) and blend out to the sides.

4. Take the darkest colour of the shades you have chosen

and place it in the outer V; this will provide drama to the makeup and depth to the look; Similarly, it is necessary to blend it well with a blending brush. If you do not have this kind of brush or need more, remember that you can find a wide variety in our makeup store.

5. Make a Cut Crease to make your makeup look more professional

To do this, you must place a little concealer above the lash line and open your eye; the concealer must have been marked on the upper part of the eyelid; this little mark will be the line that you must follow to cut the fold, now it distributes towards the sides and covers the mobile eyelid. This area with concealer will be made up with a nude shadow or the tone of your choice, and this tone will be the protagonist of your eye makeup.

6. Glitter equals glamour!

Do not forget the glitters in your makeup; it is straightforward to use them, making you look spectacular. Remember not to abuse them. For this, it is necessary to place them from the birth of the eyelid to the middle.

7. To close with a flourish

you can apply another shade of shadow under your eye and blend it very well. This can be darker than the rest of the shadows or create a contrast between them, which will undoubtedly look remarkable.

Outlined How do I do it?

An evening makeup should always have a beautiful eyeliner, and if it is cat-eye. With the eyeliner of your choice ( black colour), make a thin line on the eyelid line; when you face the end of your eye,  raise it according to the darkest tone of your shadows. Now, from the middle of your outline, join it with the tail that came out and fill it. Remember that it should look delicate and even in both eyes.

The eyeliner is essential because it enlarges your look; that is, your eyes look much more significant than they are, and the black tone frames them great. If you want to make a much more open look, we recommend that you paint a light line on the lower waterline of the eye with an off-white, beige or champagne eyeliner that goes from the beginning of the eye to where it ends.

In the same way, you can place another line of black from the middle of the eye outwards! You will see magnificent results! This technique should be blurred so that the lower outline does not look too marked. It will give you more drama in the look.

False eyelashes Now are the time!

These can be used for both day and night makeups. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of brands and styles that you can choose from. However, mega-long and abundant false eyelashes, the “dramatic” ones,  are advisable since these will also help you project a much more honest and captivating look.

It would help if you did not forget the mascara or mascara. If you don’t wear artificial lashes, give your lashes two to three coats. Do not also forget to make up the lower lashes. Please do not abuse this product, as it can ruin your makeup.


To make your face look outlined, you can give it the extra touch of contour. So that? With contouring, you can hide and highlight certain parts of your face, thus making it look more refined and thinner. This step is optional.

How do I do it?

Choose the contour of your choice and apply it under your cheekbones without reaching the corner of the lips, only to the middle of the face. You need to do the same if you want to hide your forehead and jowls a little. Place the powder or cream contour and blend well. You can also slim your nose with this technique.


Blush is an essential element for day and night makeup. But beware! You should always choose a colour that matches the tones of your makeup. If your makeup is at night, you should not overload it or direct your eyes to your cheeks; on the contrary, you should make it look super subtle and give a healthy look to your face. Choose light colors, it is the best.

How do I apply it?

Smile in front of the mirror and apply the blush right on your cheeks. This should be spread from the middle of your cheeks outwards until it fades; it should blend very well towards the edges. It should never go inwards because then it will be poorly applied, and you will have an excess of unnecessary and unnatural colour.

Highlighter or illuminator:

It is one of the cosmetics that most women and men who enjoy makeup love the most. The glow should never be missing in our makeup and less if it is at night because it is about giving light to your face to make it look more beautiful than it already is.

Where and how to apply?

The highlighter is applied above the cheekbones, taking the product to the temple. Remember that it has to be a subtle touch since it should appear the natural luminosity of the face.

It would help if you also placed it on the cupid’s bow of the mouth, on the tip of the nose, on the arch, and in the tear duct. This touch will be the final touch of your perfect evening makeup.