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LipStick Write For Us – Keeping lip makeup intact is complicated and seems almost impossible. Whether it’s by talking, eating, or drinking, the lipstick always disappears, and our lips no longer look as beautiful as when we applied it. If you want to distinguish how to make lipstick last longer and always have impeccable makeup, take advantage of the little tricks in this OneHowTo article.

Steps to follow:

1. Moisturizing the lips by applying a good balm before using the lipstick is ana foolproof method to make the lipstick last longer. Also, if you notice that your lips are chapped or too dry, it will be convenient to exfoliate them to get rid of dead cells and make them recover their natural softness.

2. A famous trick to make lipstick last longer is a small amount of foundation on the lips before painting them and letting them set. Suppose you have made up the rest of the face, a simple sponge or brush over the lips.

3. Next, use a pencil liner, the same shade as the lipstick or a lighter shade, and complete both the upper and lower lips. It will help make the latter color later

4. The next step is to apply the lipstick that you have chosen and support lipstick on a piece of tissue paper so that it dries and achieves maximum hold.

5. Now apply a second coat of lipstick to intensify the color and give more coverage.

6. Finally, seal the lipstick with a light layer of face powder to make it last longer. Apply it by gently dabbing it with a brush on the lips.

7. Following these simple tricks when applying makeup, your lips will remain intact for longer with a beautiful and sensual color.

At OneHowTo, you can also see how to make up your lips to make them look thicker , an excellent option for girls with thin and thin lips.

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  • Matte lipsticks offer longer duration than those with a creamy texture and glosses.
  • Choose good quality, long-lasting lipsticks for the best results.

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