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Makeup Write For Us – To look younger than you are, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and rely on certain habits, such as eating, which together contribute to healthy skin.

Within this lifestyle, the importance of hydration stands out. Daily water consumption is essential for the skin to stay fresh and healthy. Therefore, we must ensure that we drink enough, according to our needs.

Tricks to look younger in a short time

To look younger, you can apply the following tricks. For the most part, you will see that they are straightforward but capable of providing very positive results.

1. Fill in the eyebrows

One of the fastest and most excellent ways to take years off is by filling in your brows. The fuller and more natural your brows look, the younger you will appear. So if you want perfect brows, get an eye pencil or brow brush with an angled tip.

The trick is to blend the pencil and the powder. The former helps define brows precisely, while the powder helps keep them looking natural.

2. Apply moisturizer

If you do not use moisturizer for your skin, you will be amazed to see how much of a difference this product can make. A simple moisturizer can be the key to reducing dryness and preventing the early appearance of wrinkles.

Therefore, you can find good quality, affordable moisturizers at drugstores. Also, you can consult with pharmacists about the most appropriate for you. And another option is to prepare your moisturizing creams at home with homemade ingredients.

3. Look for youthful aromas

Perfuming yourself with a fresh fragrance will help you feel and look younger. This is a very subtle trick that can work for you.

Dare with something new! Although it is hard to believe, using a youthful perfume can make a difference in your age. Avoid rose and patchouli-based aromas, which are often associated with older people.

4. Use soft makeup tones to look younger

The more we feel the need to wear makeup as the years go by. However, to look younger, it is clear that  “less is more.”

Moreover, the use of makeup in strong tones all it does is highlights imperfections and the passing of the years. And clearly, you want to avoid drawing attention to fine lines or wrinkles.

Instead of using black eyeliner, opt for a darker brown and brighten your lids with a light pink, salmon, or beige shade. It would also be a virtuous idea to ditch doll-like false eyelashes.

5. Apply the blush well

Blush is another excellent trick to take years off your mind. Moreover, today different shades of blush can be easily adapted to different skin types. Therefore, applying it correctly on the cheeks will help you take years off.

However, if you need help determining what kind of blush looks good on you, ask a clerk at the cosmetics store for recommendations or tests.

For dry or wrinkled skin, cream blush is the best option because it is easier to apply and less drying.

6. Use lip balm

The lip balm helps preserve the beauty of the lips and keeps them healthy. In addition, lip balms give a plumping effect, making them perfect for taking years off your skin.

These balms help to show off thicker, more hydrated, and more defined lips. In addition, some already come with colors.

Instead of using everyday lipstick that can dry out your lips, try these colored balms and give them hydration and life.

7. Take care of your hands

The skin of the hands is as important as the rest of the body. Therefore, giving special care to the hands is essential since they are exposed to different factors that can affect them.

Moreover, moisturizing your hands well and protecting them from the sun are the primary keys to keeping them young. To do this, you must hydrate them daily with a suitable cream. During the day, this cream can have a sun protection factor of 30 or more, depending on the level of sun exposure. Overnight, the cream may have moisturizing and anti-aging elements, such as vitamin E and vitamin Q10.

8. Whiten your smile

White teeth are synonymous with youth. There are many natural formulas for whitening teeth and toothpaste and rinses that can be very helpful. However, to obtain a good result, the ideal is to go to the dentist and use toothpaste and rinses with a strengthening, protective, and whitening effect along with the treatment that can be prescribed.

9. Change your hairstyle

A sure makeover that will make you feel ten years younger in a matter of minutes. Due to sun exposure, long hair tends to burn out at the ends and look different shades.

However, it is good to cut it and add light blonde or copper highlights for a different and renewed look.

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