Facial Routine

The ‘beauty‘ gurus had been warning him since the end of 2019: ‘rollers’ and Gua Sha stones (both methods for massaging the face at home as if we were in a beauty centre). Were going to be a staple in our beauty routines of 2020. What these trendsetting geniuses did not know is that the reasons we’re going to go beyond what they believed.

Because its benefits were sung before the coronavirus, now, through Covid-19, its benefits even more remarkable.

Both the ‘rollers’ or rollers, which roll over the features, and the flat Gua Sha massage stones made of jade or quartz that, according to Eastern tradition, calm or energize depending on what we need it. In addition to the fact that its surface is very fresh, that helps to drain and reduce puffiness and dark circles through an enjoyable massage.

But why is now more than ever the best time to get a massager? We give you three good reasons


The ‘roller’ and the Gua Sha massage stones have a charming effect on the skin. They are fresh, which the skin of the face appreciates because it helps to decongest. But, in addition, they tell from the Skyn ​​Gym firm, which markets flat stones, jade has calming properties at the same time that it stimulates vital energy, so in these moments of solid restlessness, the massage it provides is appreciated.

Using one of these tools also lengthens the application of facial routine cosmetics by a few minutes, giving us a few more moments of calm each day. Also, as Estefanía Nieto, a trainer at Omorovicza, one of the brands that sell rollers, points out, “they help unlock the facial muscles and release tension manually.”


Estefanía Nieto tells of the rollers (it also happens with the Piedras) that in the aesthetic cabins, and we can do the same at home, “they used to activate microcirculation and reinforce the lifting effect”. And not only: “it reduces wrinkles and fine lines of expression, calms redness and stimulates lymphatic drainage while reducing inflammation and improving skin elasticity,” says Nieto.

Skyn Gym points out some other benefits: these tools made with gems return luminosity to the skin, reduce bags around the eyes and increase the effectiveness of cosmetic assets.

All this comes in handy for the skin now that you can’t go to your head expert.


This last point is not negligible in times of confinement.

Estefanía Nieto explains that when “we put on a cream and apply it only with our hands, part of it stays on the fingertips. If instead, we use a roller, which is not absorbent. It allows us to take advantage of the product so that it penetrates entirely on the tissue of the face”.

The best thing is that it can use with various facial products: “we can use these ‘gadgets’ to apply the moisturizing cream, the eye contour cream, the serums or the moisturizing mask as a cream, taking great care of the quantities”, Nieto indicates.

On the other hand, the stones used without product, on clean skin or with the cosmetics already absorbed, as a facial routine yoga.