The attempt to prepare the choicest meal for your friends, family, or yourself over the weekend might turn out to be a traumatic experience. You must have heard about pressure cooker explosions taking place in kitchens. These explosions are nothing less than dangerous, as they burn the skin, cause scars on the face, and lead to eye injuries and even traumatic brain injuries.

In February 2023, Joshua Summers filed a lawsuit in which he alleged Instant Brands had a defective pressure that led to an explosion. His complaint stated that the cooker explosion burned him when the pot lid opened with heat, in-built pressure, and steam within the unit. The accident took place despite the brand’s assurance that the product was safe.

Joshua’s lawsuit also mentioned that the manufacturer should have known about this defect in the pressure cooker and failed to inform the public at large. Also, the growing sales of the product only spell out more danger in the days to come.

People must keep an eye on the faulty products and the brands that have been accused of the same. That aside, it is also essential to adhere to a few precautions that will ensure you stay safe from such dangerous explosions. In this article, we will shed light on these precautionary measures that will prove useful.

Read the Pressure Cooker Manual

Most of the explosions take place because people forget to read the manual that comes with the pressure cooker. You must know about the pressure cooker model and the rules of operating it before you start cooking.

The three points that almost every pressure cooker manual includes are:

  • The pressure cooker shouldn’t be used for deep frying
  • The pot shouldn’t be used for pressure canning
  • It is necessary to keep your hands away when the instant pot is building up pressure inside.

When you fail to follow the points that have been mentioned above, it leads to an explosion. That aside, it can also result in scalds, burns, and various injuries. Each booklet will carry specific instructions based on the pressure cooker model, so it is best to check the manual before cooking.

Check the Pressure Cooker Before Cooking

Before turning on the pot, it’s essential to check the equipment. Ensure to keep a check on the rubber gasket before you turn on the cooker. Additionally, make sure that the rubber gasket doesn’t have any cracks near it, and neither should it get worn out. Some brands suggest users change the rubber gasket annually.

So, how often must you replace the gasket? The answer completely depends on the frequency of your use. Users can keep an extra gasket handy so that they can replace it the moment they find a fault or ripped gasket. Also, ensure that you don’t place any dried food in and around the rim, as it can completely break the gasket.

TorHoerman Law states that anyone who has suffered any burns because of defects in the cooker, such as faulty gaskets and other parts, can file a lawsuit. The best way is to get in touch with a lawyer and present all the pieces of evidence that you have. They will use the evidence and build a strong case to ensure that victims get the compensation they deserve.

Refrain From Overfilling the Pressure Cooker

There is excess pressure inside the cooker because of the quantity of liquid inside. If you have filled excess food, maybe the food can get trapped in the pot’s pressure release vent. And that is what leads to pressure cooker accidents.

The steam must have an escape path, otherwise the pressure will develop and lead to an explosion. If you have an electric pressure cooker, it can just be switched off. However, the stove-top pressure cookers that aren’t backed with technology might just explode.

If the pressure cooker gets overfilled, it does pose an explosion risk. That aside, the food also loses taste and texture. The reason for this is the added pressure which breaks all the necessary minerals and vitamins from the food.

Don’t Open the Lid Before the Pressure Gets Released

The natural release of pressure works correctly for those foods that wish to carry on cooking, and it doesn’t pose the same danger as a fast release. It is necessary to wait for the pressure to reduce inside the pot before opening, as it can make it explode, more so when you try to force and open it. 

Some experts are of the opinion that it is best to wait 10 minutes prior to opening the lid. However, many others suggest that it is best to wait for 30 minutes until the pressure leaves the pot.

So, what should you do when you have to open the instant pot? First, you have to turn off the pot and allow it to release the pressure before you open it. The leading manufacturers had designed several of these new-age pressure cookers in such a way that you wouldn’t be able to force the lid open.

However, a word of caution is not to try it at all. You might get burns because hot water can spray across the room. Besides scalding water, maybe burning sticky food might also cause blisters. Hence, it’s best not to stand anywhere close to a pressure cooker when it is about to explode or you feel that it might.

To sum up, these are some measures that can help you avoid experiencing a pressure cooker explosion. It’s always best to know the brands that are facing pressure cooker explosion lawsuits so that you can avoid purchasing their products. However, despite implementing all the precautions, if you still face a pressure cooker accident, you need to seek medical assistance to treat the burns and injuries.

Once you have received the necessary medical treatment, it is crucial to opt in for legal help and file a lawsuit to seek the compensation you deserve to cover your medical costs and other damages.