Singles Day Sales and Offers in Dubai – If you’re looking for some great deals this Singles Day, you’ve come to the right place! Singles’ Day
is the Day before Christmas and offers a fantastic range of values. If you’re looking for a gift for a
single person or simply looking for some unique presents to give to your friends, this is the Day to

What is Singles Day? A brief History Of Singles Day

Four male students at Nanjing University first created the idea of celebrating Singles Day sales in
China during the 1990s. They wanted to celebrate their single status in a way that was not exclusive
to the female population. They also wanted a day to celebrate singledom since eleven is a lucky
number. As a result, they chose the date of November 11 to celebrate their single status. Today,
Singles Day is a trendy shopping day in China.
Alibaba, A Chinese online retail company, is one of the leading players behind Singles Day sales.
The company started as an Amazon wannabe and has since exploded into an economic
powerhouse equal to or even more significant than the American Amazon. The company has many
exciting stories to tell about its history, and the rise of “Singles Day” is one of them.

How did Singles day start in UAE?

The first Singles’ Day was celebrated in China in 1993; since then, it has spread worldwide. Retailers
use this Day to promote their products and services; in the UAE, it has become an important sales
day. Some stores even offer to buy one get one free on a wide range of items.
Singles’ Day has become a regionally significant event, with retailers offering massive discounts to
single customers for twenty-four hours. MENA markets are no exception. Retailers in the UAE are
extending their Singles’ Day sales for an additional two days due to the demand for the goods and
IKEA is one brand offering special offers for Singles Day. For example, its restaurants offer a Dhs1
breakfast menu for a single person. For Dhs1, a single person can choose four items from a list.

Trend Of single day Sales and offers in UAE

If you’re a shopper looking for the best prices, you can find the best deals online during the Middle
East’s most popular sale seasons. Black Friday and Singles Day sales are American traditions that
have caught on in the Middle East. They feature promotional discounts and special deals on school
supplies, kids’ essentials, and home decor. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of the
The UAE’s retail calendar features major retail-based festivals, mega sales, and other retail
experiences throughout the year. These events aim to increase sales for participating stores and
boost the local economy.

Top Single day deals and offers in UAE

Singles day is celebrated around the world on November 11. It was first celebrated in China as an
anti-Valentine day when singles can treat themselves to something special. Some brands in the UAE
offer great deals to celebrate this special Day. Shoppers can take advantage of offers from luxury
brands, including The H Dubai.
In addition to the usual offers, some stores also offer deals available only on a single day. Some of
these include Pan Emirates, Ikea, and Homes R Us. The latter offers up to 75 percent off a wide
range of products and offers.


The conclusion of Singles Day sales and offers in Dubai may sound like a far-fetched idea, but it’s a
fact. Various companies in the UAE are offering discounts or even giving away free items to
celebrate the occasion. Some of these deals can be as good as 50% off. Others, like Namshi, offer a
buy one, get one free offer. In addition, the five-star hotel The H Dubai is also launching a purchase
one, get one free sale.
In addition, there are a few other opportunities to save money while shopping. The 3-Day Super Sale
(TDSS) will take place from Thursday through Saturday, one of the most anticipated retail events of
the year. Over 2,000 retailers will participate, offering up to 90 per cent off their products. The brands
participating in the sale include local companies and international chains. Some women’s fashion
brands on sale include Bershka and Nishat Linen