Hi, I hope you are doing well. Solid shampoo is a bar of soap that remains used to wash hair. It remains made with natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils, herbs, and essential oils. Solid shampoo is a great way to reduce plastic waste, as it is packaging-free. It is also more concentrated than liquid shampoo, so it lasts longer.

Solid shampoo is a great way to wash your hair and be gentle in the environment. If you are looking for a more usual and sustainable way to care for your hair, solid shampoo is a good option. For more, please continue reading the article.

For many reasons, a solid shampoo is a valid option for the future -and present. The first for the ecological. Plastic consumption must be reduced if we do not want to be eaten by that giant ball that engulfs us. Greta Thunberg warns us of the consequences and forces us to take responsibility.

Believe it or not, a gesture as simple as switching to solid shampoos reduces the microplastics that reach the sea because the destruction of plastic is a problem that we do not manage correctly. How we will do it badly so that it ends up being part of the ecosystems. And this has come to be verified in foods that go to our tables.

What is a Solid Shampoo?

Solid shampoo

They are bars of soap of a lifetime that are equivalent to a bottle of those of 750 milligrams. Compare what they occupy. How lucky you are to have an excuse to get yourself a lovely soap dish in which you will leave the solid pieces of your entire hair beauty ritual.

A solid shampoo does not need plastic to packed, and its containers are usually recyclable. This reduces the emission of CO2 to the planet. “About 100 grams of solid shampoo is equivalent to about three bottles of liquid shampoo, and its ingredients, which disappear with the washing water, biodegradable,” defends the pharmacist Reme Navarro, pharmacist and director of Business Strategy at Aida.

The Solid Shampoo respectful to your Hair

I am sorry to tell you that this habit of choosing the shampoo by the smell or by the container that contains it has been able to make you crush it. Most solid shampoos have very delicate formulas, and they don’t usually smell much (certain perfumes and fragrances are not the best for your hair and can make it dehydrated).

The ingredients with which a solid shampoo made usually less aggressive than those contained in regular shampoo. “Using it allows us to have healthier hair and helps us recover its natural balance, being able to help prevent seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff or itching,” says Reme Navarro. In addition, it is usually made with organic oils, “which add a different and natural aroma that lasts longer in the hair,” he explains.

How to Use a Solid Shampoo

It is easier than you think. Rub the pill between your hands, creating that foam you need for all your hair because it is preferable not to rub it directly on the hair but to do it with wet hands until foam obtain, as is done with regular hand soap. And be careful to put the shampoo under the tap: you spend more product than necessary.

Remember to use a small amount (one tablet is equivalent to two bottles of shampoo) and massage vigorously: so that the scalp is well impregnated, where you start, and the mid-lengths and ends, which are then rubbed gently.


For all hair types, no hair will be free of solid shampoo.

The MalvaFlor

The MalvaFlor is your brand if you follow the Curly method. The ghassoul clay shampoo (14 euros) is terrific if you have greasy hair. Ghassoul clay has the minerals that drag with the particles that dirty and grease your hair. Amla, rosemary, maca, pea protein and jojoba oil complete the ingredients of this shampoo in a bar of soap that will take care of your hair no matter how curly it is.

Laboratorios Válquer

But suppose you are one of those who do not want to follow any specific routine, but rather have an excellent solid soap, and take care of your hair with that particular care. In that case, Laboratorios Válquer has your regular solid shampoo, Sky. Formulated with grape seed and aloe vera, it cleanses and moisturizes (9,995 euros).

Biosakure’s Fortitude

For sensitized hair, rice proteins and keratins, but not sulfates, you have Biosakure’s Fortitude solid soap. Do not think that you will not find delicacies in this format because, from 3.50 euros, you have one of the best, most ecological and most sensitive shampoos on the market.

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher has options for all hair, with three different types of solid shampoos: one for dry hair, another for dull and dull hair and a third for oily hair (7.95 euros each).

Moreover, they may become your downfall, and you no longer want to know anything more about conventional bottles, of which we will be glad. We like this ecological, practical and sensible fashion. Yes, we want to join the soap dish shampoo trend.