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AirTags Write For Us

AirTags Write For Us

An AirTag is a label that is placed on something else and makes it visible on the map. It can be attached to a wallet, keys, dog collar, and bike, and the user can see the location of each of these items on the map, just as they can now see their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. : in the “Search” application.

For months, the existence of this device, mentioned by all AppleTags, has announced. However, the latest update for iOS 13, iOS 13.2, includes a folder dedicated to the gadget called “AirTag” in the root directory of its software, so this will be its name.

How Does Airtags Works?

This is where the magic of AirTags comes into play. Each of these boards transmits a signal recorded on every Apple device connected to the Internet. The iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac will join the two by creating a search network and will benefit from it if they are defeated.

According to Apple, the network consists of 1,000 million products now active worldwide. This system works even when these devices are offline: iCacharro collects information and sends it when it is reconnected to the network.

This means that in places where iPhones or iPads are very successful, such as Europe, the United States or Japan, AirTags will work great.

AirTag data is encrypted

Although Apple devices snitch on this information about the location of an object, this information encrypted and private. Only the respective owner of the AirTag can see the position of the object on the map; no one else can. It is enough that another anonymous user is close to him to retransmit his work in a secure and encrypted way.

AirTag battery life

Apple claims that the battery in each AirTag lasts one year. And what happens when it runs out? The specific battery model is the CR2032, found in many supermarkets or Amazon. It’s not a device that can be charged wirelessly, but has a watch battery inside. To change it, it is only necessary to open the AirTag (pressing it and slightly turning the cover) and place it.

AirTags are waterproof

What happens if you put an AirTag on a dog and it decides to swim in the sea? Absolutely nothing happens. Apple claims that AirTags have an IP67 resistance. This means that they could submerged up to a meter for 30 minutes and still work.

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