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Web Series Write for Us-Submit and Contribute PostWrite for us Web Series – Are you Passionate about Netflixing and chilling? Well, look no further. We at not just Any Review are inviting all movie and TV series enthusiasts to show their talents with words. If you think you’ve got a writer hiding somewhere inside that amazing brain of yours, we’re giving you the chance to unleash it. That, too, in the funniest way possible.

Watch your favorite English, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, and many more movies or TV series, and write your interpretation of that review. Hence, we promise you that if we find it interesting enough, we will publish it on our website and even share it on our social media handles. So, The good thing does not end there, we will even give you due credit for your write-up.

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What is Web Series

A web series is also known as a web show, is a series of scripte or non-scripted online videos, usually it is in episodic form, released on the Internet. Hence, it first arose in the late 1990s and developed more prominent in the early 2000s. So, A single example of a web series program can name an episode or a “webisode”, however, the term is not always used. In over-all, web series can be watched on a range of platforms and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Therefore, They are different from streaming television, which is intended to be watched on various streaming platforms. Therefore, Because of the nature of the Internet itself, a web series may be interactive. Web series are classified as new media.

Furthermore, since 2016, there were a number of awards that have been established to celebrate superiority in web series, like the Streamys, Webbys, IAWTV, and Indie Series Awards, although the Streamys and IAWTV also cover programs on streaming platforms. Hence, there are also several web series festivals, most notably in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Most major award ceremonies have also created web series and digital media award categories, including the Emmy Awards and the Canadian Screen Awards.

Web Series Meaning – TV series vs Web Series

The Web Series are in a lot of discussion nowadays, and at this time new web series is coming on various OTT platforms. However, People are now very fond of watching web series, and gradually, its popularity is increasing. But even today, many persons do not know about the meaning of web series. So, Nowadays, on social media, people talk about the popular characters of the new popular web series, due to which more people come to know about the new web series. With the release of the new web series, many people share photos or posts related to it on social media and give their reactions.

Furthermore, Web Series is also called Web Show. Many people around the world are preferring to watch web series online videos. Many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are becoming very popular for web series. Hence, Many web series is being made in English and different languages. In recent times, many web series have been hit on Netflix and other digital platforms.

Why are Web Series So Popular?

Just as most of the people like to watch movies, in the same way, watching web series is also liking a lot. Hence, There are many reasons to like it, which makes it different from the entertainment that has been going on before.

Furthermore, The story of the web series is very interesting, so people are liking it more. If people like the web series story, they tell their friends about it. So, The availability of the Internet and the ability to watch on digital devices like small smartphones to large televisions also make it more popular than any other medium.

Indeed, The web series can viewed from anywhere the internet is available. It can viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can also viewed on smart TV and through streaming devices. Hence, In many streaming services, the user also gets the episode web series feature so that he can later watch them without the Internet.

How do I Watch a Web Series?

There are many apps or OTT platforms available to watch web series on your smartphone or other device, where you can watch popular and new web series.

On these platforms, you have to take a subscription plan, while some platforms are also free. But you also have to see ads on the free platform. Some web series applications are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Youtube TV
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • HBO Max

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