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Android Write For Us – Do you know which are the ten most used programming languages ​​today? Surely you can think of some, but considering that there are more and more languages ​​(it is estimated that there are around 700 languages ​​in the world) and that the tech field changes every day, you may not have it very clear.

A programmer is currently one of the highest-paying paying and most in-demand jobs. But the best of all is that it is cultivated, and you can specialize in many niches that will make your profile even more competitive.

Now, what language should you specialize in? Or, if you are thinking of giving your professional development a spin, what technology do you want to turn to? What kind of programming job do you want to get?

This article will show the most demanded programming languages ​​on the market. Of course, this can vary depending on who (and when) you ask. Let’s get started if you want a snapshot of reality!


Java continues to promise to be one of the most used high-level programming languages ​​in the entire job market. It has over 9 million users and is present in over 7 billion devices. Companies like Adobe and Amazon often look for proficient talents in this programming language.

Another point in favor is its compatibility with previous versions, allowing companies to save time and money.

2. Python

Another of the most demanded programming languages ​​currently in Python. This competent language allows you to develop programs of all kinds and has many advantages. It is open source, that is, free, so the software development limitations are almost nil.

Furthermore, it is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn because it is intended to resemble human language. Developing code in Python is like giving orders to another person to act. It is indicated for data management, which is why it is one of the most helpful backend programming languages.

3. C

C is one of the most significant programming languages ​​today, with applications and operating systems developed while forming the basis of other languages ​​such as Java, C++,or C#. Dennis M. Ritchie initially developed it between 1969 and 1972 at Bell Laboratories as an evolution of the B language.

4. Javascript

Javascript is another of the most demanded programming languages ​​worldwide due to its ease of use and high compatibility.

In summary, JavaScript is a programming language dedicated to objects whose main characteristic is developing and updating multimedia and interactive content of web pages.

5. C++

How much do you know about C++? It is one of the high-level programming languages ​​in terms of possibilities in object manipulation.

In addition, it is a widely used language for developing video games. So now you know: if you consider yourself a gamer, this is your ideal professional development option. The good news that this a very well-rewarded and in-demand job position in today’s market.

6. C#

Microsoft has developed this programming language. It is object-focused and its most common use is building applications with executables on the .NET Framework. It is a language with which applications can be developed quickly and easily, with the characteristic elegance of the C style.

7. PHP

Of course, in this list of the ten most used programming languages, PHP could be included, which earned its popularity for its dynamism in creating interactive web pages from scratch.

Another advantage of this language is its possibility of being open source. This allows for a large active community willing to help developers worldwide.

8. Swift

It is a language created by Apple for developing applications, specifically for the iOS, tvOS, OS X, and watchOS systems. Its operation is based on the union of Objective-C and C language characteristics.

Swift is one of the programming languages ​​that is not limited to its developers as such, but anyone can develop applications thanks to its open source.

9. Visual Basic

As the official website explains, Visual Basic is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Using Visual Basic makes it fast and straightforward to build type-safe .NET applications.

10. Assembly Language

Also called assembly language or ASM (for its acronym in English), it is a low-level programming language. An assemblage language is specific to a particular physical computer architecture, unlike most high-level programming languages, which are ideally portable.

These were the ten most used programming languages ​​today, based on our research from different articles and the TIOBE Index for 2022.  Please note that the order in which the programming languages ​​appear is random, as these are a list, so changing that is unnecessary to establish a ranking.

Are you ready to launch your tech career in any of these languages? Remember that if you have been a developer for more than two years, you can join our program and connect with the best tech jobs in the world. You can start changing your future today! Many successes.

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