Sun Powder

We predict that sun powders will be more in demand this spring than ever. Holy Week is the ideal time for stepping on the beach for the first time -for those who do not enjoy it in their places of residence-of going out on the terraces in good company, or taking long walks in nature…

And, all this, with the sunshine in between, which, well protected, always, gives us the first good colour of the year on our faces.

expert guidance for sun powder

Luckily, sun powder is an artificial resource that replicates a successful tan with some expert guidance. It would help if you considered some premises in choosing the right ones and the correct way to apply them.

First, you have to find the right colour that ‘raises’ the natural skin tone without looking like we’ve been in a tropical paradise for six months. The ideal is a shade or two above that of the face, says make-up artist Cristina Lobato.

applying sun powder

When applying sun powder, first of all, get a good brush, one of those big, rounded ones with a lot of ‘hair’, to deposit and blend the product lightly, covering many surfaces. Nothing to apply the sun powder with the fingertips, which can be done with blush, because the key is that they are well integrated into different areas of the face

In fact, in general terms, sun powders are applied where the rays tend to strike naturally. The hairline, cheeks and temples, perhaps also the nasal septum…

To simulate a natural and flattering tan, “begin by applying the powder in the centre of the forehead, between the arch of the eyebrow and the eyebrow; in the area of ​​​​the cheeks, towards the ear in a subtle and straight line; in the chin, the neck and, finally, in the central area of ​​the neckline

The pattern of 3 sun powder

You can also follow the pattern of 3, which consists of ‘drawing’ subtly, with the brush loaded, without going too far -it gives a few touches on the hand to unload it a little before attacking the face-, a three on the front: start from the middle of the forehead, where the hair grows, and stroke the beginning with the brush near the hairline to the cheekbones, where the bone stands out, to return to the jaw and finish on the chin (repeat on the other side of the face).

All that remains is choosing the sun powders you like the most and tan. Here we leave a small selection at reasonable prices.


Bronzing powders enriched with pigments based on a cocoa extract that reproduce light and natural tan. They are available in three shades to adapt to any base colour of the face.

They work to leave a naturally tanned finish and highlight the face’s contours. Also they come in a powder texture with a matte finish.


A three-in-one palette includes blush, highlighter and sun powder, all in powder texture. Each part can be used singly or combined for a worked, perfect, natural-looking skin with good colour.

In this case, sun powders would apply, as we have mentioned; the highlighter would go on the upper cheekbone, tear duct and nasal septum, for example, and the blush would serve to add a pinkish point in the centre of the cheek.


Bronzing powder for the face in a compact format with a matte finish. They are available in five shades, so have where to choose the most appropriate. It comes in a formula that provides a perfect, velvety golden hue.

They can also apply  to the body: on the neckline, neck, and arms, if necessary, they blend very easily.