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Eyeliner Write For Us – Mascara is crucial in a routine. It’s like Leonardo’s last brushstroke on the Mona Lisa. It is the final step in any makeup; sometimes, knowing how to apply mascara correctly can save work hours.

Mascara should always be applied after eyeshadow,  eyeliner, and any other eye makeup you’re wearing. Using it correctly will decide whether your makeup has a dramatic, sweet, or natural finish. Even when you’re barely wearing makeup, mascara will give you the right touch to enhance your features.

Before sliding our fingers last line, we must know what we want and how to get it. Are you looking for volume, length, curl, or all I, none? Whatever formula you’re looking for, we’ve thought of it! The following foolproof steps work for any skin:

  1. curl your lashes
  2. Use eyelash primer
  3. Use mascara on the upper and lower lashes.
  4. Cover and separate your lashes
  5. Clean the stains

You will get a unique look if you follow all the steps to apply your mascara to the letter. Remember to read some tricks left at the end, which will help you and make this last touch the most effortless look.

Step 1: Curl your lashes.

Before applying mascara, use an eyelash curler to lift and lengthen your lashes. This will allow the mask to adhere better. Use an eyelash curler or a round eyelash brush to help you tidy up your eyelashes and clean them of any traces of skin or sweat.

Step 2 – Use Lash Primer

Just like using a primer on your skin before your foundation, we recommend using a primer on your lashes so that the mascara sits and lasts longer. It will also help thicken and separate your lashes, preparing them perfectly for mascara. Apply a fur or two of primer to the upper and lower lashes and wait at least 30 seconds before applying mascara.

Step 3 – Use mascara on the upper and lower lashes

It might sound a bit silly, but the way you pull your mascara brush out of the tube can affect your application. Whenever you take the mascara brush out of the box, wipe any excess liquid off the edge of the line. However, this way, you will avoid having clumpy and heavy eyelashes. Also, don’t pump the wand in and out of the box, as this can dry out the formula.

To apply the mascara, look up, place it on the base of the upper lashes, and move it back and forth, covering the lashes. Then, drag the brush toward the tip of the lashes, and coat every part of the lashes as you work your way up and down. Move slowly to avoid lumps. Apply as many coats of mascara as you need to get the thickness and look you want. Be careful that the product does not dry between coats, as this can damage the lashes, causing them to break more quickly as it dehydrates and weakens them.

When using mascara on the lower lashes, we must be careful not to use too much product and create clumps. NormalUsuallyower lashes are more delicate than the upper lashes, any will be much more visible than when they form on the upper lashes. To avoid clumps, apply the brush tip to the root of the lashes, moving the bristles back and forth for an even coat.

Step 4 – Coat and separate all your lashes

To ensure you’re painting each lash, when you get to the outer and inner corners of your eyes, particularly those hard-to-reach corner lashes, tilt the brush vertically and brush gently to apply evenly. Next, angle the brush to a DIA meeting downward angle and gently move it across the eye so that the bristles of your brush touch the tips of the upper lashes. Moreover, this will separate them and remove any clumps.

Step 5: Clean the stains

Mascara can mess up and sometimes stain the eyelids and the skin around the eye. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us, even professional makeup artists. Good thing there’s an easy fix: remove any leftover product with a gentle eye makeup remover.

Would you like to know some triclosan to help you have the most impressive eyelashes in the area? Attention!

Trick 1: use a rigid cardboard

If mascara smudges on your eyelids are freaking you out, put a small piece of cardboard behind your lashes as you apply your mascara. This way, not a single mascara stain will fall on the eyelids, or your eye shadow will be ruined.

Trick 2: cover both sides of the tabs

You’ve always believed that mascara can only be used on the underside of the lashes. MEH ERROR: For impactful lashes, apply mascara under, wait two seconds, and the top of the lashes from root to tip.

Trick 3: apply translucent powder between layers

Besides being the finishing touch to your foundation, Translucent powder can make your lashes appear much thicker and fuller. After a coat of mascara, dab some powder on the tips of your lashes, then add another coat to finish the look.

Trick 4: Use the brush vertically to hit the lower lashes that are not visible

Sometimes those little hairs can be difficult to cover up, especially without making a big mess. Could you do a 180-degree turn and hold the brush upright, pressing gently into the lower lashes?

Trick 5: let the stains dry before cleaning them with a cotton swab

Try this cleaning hack to remove stains: let them dry first. Next, take a Q-tip and wipe your eyelid, picking up every bit of makeup that shouldn’t be there.

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