Using a  health insurance comparator will help you choose the option that best suits you, as it shows you the results based on the answers you have to the different questions you are asked. When comparing private medical insurance, you will obtain insurance and a personalized price that would be very tough for you to find if you did not use a comparator.

However, in just two minutes, you will have the cheapest health insurance on the market, ordered according to their price and with the coverage offered by each of them. Therefore, using a medical insurance comparator like The Wiki Guide is an excellent way to save money and time.

One of the factors that we recommend that you consider when using a  medical insurance search engine is that you ask yourself what type of insurance you need, which specialists you usually go to and which medical centres you go to most frequently.

How to calculate health insurance with The Wiki Guide?

You will only need two minutes to calculate your health insurance in The Wiki Guide. You will have to fill out a mini-questionnaire with personal information, such as your name, age, email and contact telephone number.

The Wiki Guide medical insurance comparator will show the results of the most exciting policies for you, ordered according to their modality and according to their price (from lowest to highest monthly cost).

In our comparison of health insurance, you will also see the medical chart that that company has if the policy includes dental insurance and what coverage you will have with said medical insurance.

How much can you save by comparing health insurance?

That is to say, using The Wiki Guide health insurance comparator can save you up to 35% on your policy, equivalent to 285 euros per year. In addition, the average saving of our clients is 21%, that is, about 142 euros per year.

There is the possibility of contracting medical insurance for less than 20 euros per month in the market. Of course: keep in mind that cheap health insurance may not fit your needs. Therefore, before letting yourself be dazzled by a very tight price, please pay attention to the policy’s coverage in question to ensure that it suits you.

What types of health insurance are there?

You can find several types of medical insurance that you can take out in the market, depending on how often you will need medical care and the price you want to pay. In this summary table, you will find the different types of health insurance according to the premium you will have to pay:

Health insurance with copay Cheaper price, but, in return, the insured will pay for each time a service from the medical directory is used. This service will have a much cheaper special price than if the client came without insurance. Recommended for people who do not usually need health care often.
Health insurance without copay Higher premium, but you won’t have to pay every time you go to the doctor. Recommended for people who do need to use the toilets frequently.
Reimbursable health insurance Insurance in which the client can go to the professional they want (even if they are not on the insurer’s medical list), but they will have to pay for the service themselves. The insurer will reimburse you a percentage of that payment, usually 80 or 90%

Premium Health insurance

In addition to the types of medical insurance according to the premium to be paid, in Kelisto ‘s health insurance comparator, you can also find the types of policies according to their coverage. These modalities are the following:

Health insurance without hospitalization Basically, It is medical insurance for healthcare only, consultations with specialists or treatments. This insurance does not include coverage for hospital care or surgery.
Medical insurance with hospitalization This modality does include hospitalization and operations, in addition to hospital care.
dental insurance Typically, private health insurance includes dental coverage, but this is usually limited. There are dental insurances with greater access to treatments and at lower prices to extend it.

What to take into account before hiring health insurance Comparator?

Private health insurance is one of those that receive the most claims since, on many occasions, clients are not aware of the limits of their policy or that some treatments or tests are not covered by their insurance. To avoid this type of situation,  it is advisable to review the conditions of your policy and resolve any doubts you may have with the company before signing to avoid future problems in something as delicate as your health or that of your family.

Although health insurers have made an effort to make conditions more understandable for their client in recent years, the truth is that they are still extensive documents with technical language, which can mean that many policyholders do not review them in detail before taking out your health insurance.

So that you do not encounter a problem when you need a benefit, we recommend that,  before signing your health insurance or changing your insurer,  you pay attention to aspects such as exclusions, coverage limits, waiting periods and their geographical area.

What factors influence the price of health insurance?

As with other insurance products, companies set health insurance prices based on variables that increase or reduce the risk of an accident occurring and, therefore, affect the cost assumed by the insurer.

However, If you want to take  out cheap health insurance, remember that there are several factors that influence the price:

Age of the insured:  That is to say, the older the person to be insured, the higher the price of health insurance. However, it is not only older people who can pay a higher insurance premium. Children’s health insurance can also be more expensive since children need more pediatric services. Also, women between 28 and 35 years old can pay more due to the risk of pregnancy.

Physical condition:  Meanwhile, overweight people are more at risk of certain diseases, leading to their policies having somewhat higher premiums.

Unhealthy habits:  smoking or drinking alcohol is also related to some pathologies, so it is possible that the company raises the health insurance premium for these clients or does not include the treatment of diseases related to these habits.