Forehead Wrinkles – One of the most apparent manifestations of skin ageing is the appearance of sagging and wrinkles, such as those on the forehead, caused by the change in the dermis, which becomes thinner, more fragile and loses the protective layer of subcutaneous fat.

Skin ageing is a complex phenomenon involving internal and external factors:

  • Internal factorsare a function of individual heredity and result from the passage of time. Of course, this process is virtually unavoidable and beyond voluntary control.
  • External factorscan be smoking, malnutrition or sun exposure. This process is not inevitable and reflects premature skin ageing. It is believed that 80% of facial ageing is due to sun exposure.

Premature forehead wrinkles

Typically forehead wrinkles are a type of wrinkles caused by expression lines; that is, they are transitory traces of the repetitive movement of our skin. These forehead wrinkles form because the frown areas lose collagen and elasticity.

How to reduce wrinkles on the forehead

To reduce wrinkles as much as possible, we must act on each factor affecting skin ageing. In this way, we can correct and prevent its effects.


One of the basic recommendations to prevent premature skin ageing is to keep the skin hydrated. Using products that moisturize the skin throughout the day and promote cell regeneration will make your skin look healthier, preventing signs of dehydration.

Use of sunscreens

Protection from UV rays decreases the formation of free radicals and reduces photoaging: the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentary changes. We must protect ourselves from the sun with physical measures such as not going out during peak hours of the sun, wearing appropriate clothing, a hat, an umbrella, sunglasses, and applying creams with a sun protection factor.

In addition to improving skin tone and elasticity and diminishing the visible signs of ageing, it will help protect your skin from the sun.


Antioxidants counteract cellular oxidation and free radical damage in multiple ways. If free radicals are higher than the level of antioxidants, oxidative stress occurs, resulting in premature ageing of cells and tissues. The consumption of antioxidant foods plays an important role. We recommend consuming colourful fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C and carotenoids.

retinol creams

Retinoids increase collagen production. They have a positive effect not only on external factors but also on internal ones. They reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity and improve pigmentation.

face gymnastics

Finally, we recommend that you do some daily facial exercise; you will be able to stimulate the skin to achieve greater penetration of the active ingredients in your creams!

Place your fingertips on your eyebrows and press in and down without stretching the skin. Raise and lower your eyebrows while holding them this way. You will be able to limit the damage caused by frowning and wrinkles on the forehead.