How To Winterize Your Makeup Routine This Season – The winter months bring many changes to your clothes, your home, and your skincare routine. Why do you use the same makeup routine throughout the season? Your skin reacts to different seasons, and it is essential to adjust your makeup items for winter so that your foundation does not appear too pale or settle into thin lines.

Here are four ways to make your winter makeup routine more festive this winter.

Get heavy on moisturizing.

We all know it is best never to apply foundation on your naked skin. It is essential to apply a layer of moisturizer to keep your skin protected. This is especially important in winter when the severe weather is creating destruction to your face. Make use of a deeply nourishing moisturizing cream or gel, such as The Lakme Peach Milk Soft Cream Moisturizer. The creamy soft formula nourishes the skin and ensures it stays hydrated for an extended period.

Choose creamier textures

It’s a given; the more creamy your makeup products are during winter, the slicker. Switch your matte or powder foundation, lipstick, and blusher to get a smoother texture. It will blend more easily and appear like your natural skin. We recommend Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation. It blends easily and hides imperfections, and gives a silky smooth appearance.

Make sure you take a break from facial powders.

We’re sure you’re fond of the matte appearance and the frequent touch-ups throughout the daytime. However, even after moisturizing your skin, these powders can cause it to form wrinkles or appear shades darker than the skin tone. Avoid using face products that make your dry patches appear more prominent. If your skin is feeling oily, apply a blotting paper to eliminate the oil.

Give them a kiss! eyelashes

Your skin isn’t the only winter victim. To ensure that your eyes remain full and complete, it’s essential to condition them as well. Apply a small amount from the Pure Skin Gel by Vaseline between your fingertips to your lashes before applying mascara.