Effective Treatments for Hair Loss – Given that each patient is unique and must individualize treatments for hair loss. The first step that we always carry out is to make a correct diagnosis based on the Clinical History and an adequate examination of the hair with a microcamera.

Depending on the cause that produces it, each alopecia has a different evolution and treatment guidelines that can combine.

Multivitamins, trace elements and amino acids for seasonal hair loss

Its prescription in capsules or lotions aims to improve the nutrition of hair follicles in different deficiency states and seasonal hair loss, especially in autumn and spring.


Capillary infiltrations aim to maintain, improve, and, above all, prevent hair loss. The objective of these homeomesotherapy protocols is to delay and even stop hair loss. Also they consist of performing several intradermal microinjections.


It is a painless and innocuous method that allows different specific products to be applied to the epidermis of the scalp (Jet Therapy) through a device while producing a vacuum in it (Vacuum Therapy) and massaging it (Sismo Therapy). This achieves a better penetration of the active ingredients to obtain greater efficacy of the treatment designed for each patient.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP for hair loss)

Capillary PRP consists of introducing plasma with growth factors that release the patient’s platelets through microinjections in the scalp in a practically painless way. Its application stimulates collagen formation and increases vascularization at the hair follicle level, which is why it indicates to stop hair loss and promote regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.


In 1988 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – Department of Food and Drugs of the USA) approved medicine for baldness for the first time in history. Topically applied minoxidil in the form of a lotion works by promoting more significant irrigation of the scalp, thereby increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles.

In various presentations, you can find this topical drug with different trade names and concentrations between 2% and 5%. Among the most common we can highlight. Laconvin 2% and 5% lotion, Minoxidil Viñas 5% lotion, Dinaxil 2% lotion, Aloxidil 5% lotion and Rogaine 5% foam. In addition to the commercial presentations, the treatment can also be prescribed as a master formulation, either in a hydroalcoholic solution or foam and with a concentration of 2%, 3%, 4% and 5%. The master formula is usually enriched with other active ingredients, such as tripeptides, placenta extract, ginseng extract, zinc acetate, Serenoa repens extract, calcium pantothenate, and isoflavonoids, pygeum africanum.


In 1997, the FDA approved the first capsule to treat male hair loss. It works by slowing down the action of androgens at the level of the hair follicle. Since they cause an acceleration of the hair cycle.

You can find the Finasteride medication under different trademarks. However, some formulations include it in different lotions, as in the case of Minoxidil or Finasteride, among others; Moreover, it is most often taken orally at a dose of 1 mg. Among the best known and most common trademarks, we can highlight Propecia, Alocar, generic Finasteride 1mg and 5mg, and Proscar. In addition to these brands, through the internet or in other countries. We can obtain lesser-known ones such as Folcres, Renacidin, Aldropel, Capiflor, Tricofarma, Pelicrap or Sutrico.

Infiltrations of Dutasteride and Vitamins

That is to say, dutasteride (selective antiandrogen of the follicular root) directly affects inhibiting isoenzymes five alpha-reductase types 1 and 2 (the other most used antiandrogen – Finasteride- acts only on type 2).
These enzymes are the ones that transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. Which is responsible for the thinning of the hair due to the effect of male hormones (miniaturization process).
Blocking this step favours the thickening of the hair, and an increase in capillary density achieves.

Laser for the treatment of hair loss

Studies on laser phototherapy have shown an increase in cell metabolism and blood flow in the hair root. Transforming a weakened follicle into a healthier one, preventing excessive hair loss and stimulating its growth phase.

Treatments for Hair Loss is through Cosmetics

It fulfils the function of both protecting and preserving healthy hair and correcting possible alterations of the scalp that may appear. At the Vila-Rovira Hair Institute, we have developed an innovative line of products for hair treatment based on careful formulations that incorporate the latest advances in this field.

Capillary Carboxytherapy

Capillary carboxytherapy stimulates the circulation of the scalp to increase hair growth. Hair regeneration enable through subcutaneous infiltrations of carbon dioxide, and the results can see quickly and effectively. This treatment causes a vasodilator effect and an increase in tissue oxygenation. You can read more here about our capillary carboxytherapy treatment.