Five Cryptocurrencies Will Skyrocket – The metaverse is a functional reality today, with more and more people digitizing their lives to spend most of their time connected in these online worlds where endless activities can be carried out – from hanging out with friends, playing games, and even working –

And something associated with almost all projects focused on the metaverse is cryptocurrencies, with a large number of them relying on their own digital money to make purchases and sales of goods and services.

According to the specialist crypto asset investor, Mason Versluis -known for owning the TikTok Crypto Mason account-this, this represents a great investment opportunity with high upside potential.

five cryptocurrencies will skyrocket

With this in mind, the influencer detailed during an interview with the Business Insider portal. Therefore, the five metaverse projects that have cryptocurrencies that he recommends the most to currently invest in.


First of all, Versluis recommends the purchase of crypto assets from Decentraland. One of the most popular projects currently in the field of metaverses. And the cryptocurrencies that work on the project based on the Ethereum network divided into two types:

  • LAND

The first works as an exchange currency used to buy items within the game and has a current value of US $ 2.49 per unit. In contrast, the second name given to NFTs (Tokens, not expendables) within the game representing the properties.


The second recommended project is Metahero, which is not technically a metaverse. It seeks to merge the digital world with the natural world by developing a database and the HERO cryptocurrency.

” What they’re doing is trying to build the biggest database. This will help us continue to merge the physical and digital worlds,” the investor said, adding. “It’s essentially like a physical portal.” HERO is currently trading at $0.05091, according to CoinMarketCap.


The Sandbox is the main competition Decentraland currently has in the world of metaverses. Their site claims that it is possible to ” play, create. Also own and rule a virtual metaverse created by the community or its players. ”

Also, based on the Ethereum blockchain, its main cryptocurrency is SAND. It’s listed at $2.94 according to CoinMarketCap. Quite a low value considering that it was worth as much as $6 when Facebook announced it was entering the world of metaverses and would change its name to Meta-.

And while Versluis did recognize it as interesting crypto to follow shortly, he admitted that he has not yet fully invested in it due to failure to do enough research on the project.


The fourth project that Versluis highlighted  Hedera, a company dedicated to developing hashgraph technology and its implementation in the Vccess metaverse. Which focuses on using NFTs instead of cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, the company – whose governing council includes global organizations such as Boeing, IBM, and Google – has a cryptocurrency called HBAR, worth $0.2082.


Finally, Versluis also mentioned that Ethereum should be considered one of the pillar cryptocurrencies in constructing a true metaverse, not because its developers are creating but because its blockchain houses the two main metaverses in the world. Therefore, currently: Decentraland and The Sandbox.

The value of this coin, which is rising after several months of decline, is at $ 2,736 according to CoinMarketCap. So it is an excellent opportunity to think about investing in them today.