5 Common Mistakes When Using Walking Boots – Have you just bought walking boots? Well, congratulations on your first step to preparing for your hiking expeditions. However, many users are liable to make the wrong assumptions about these types of boots and how they can be used safely. If you’re thinking about getting a pair of these boots to protect your ankles while also giving them some light support, here are some common mistakes you should avoid when using these boots.

  1. Wearing Boots with Tight Laces

The first mistake many users make when using these boots is wearing them with tight-fitting laces. People who wear these boots will often find the lace holes too small for their feet, so they have to struggle to get the lace through. This can cause many problems, from pain and discomfort to blisters and skin damage.

  1. Wearing Boots with Too Much Sole Support

Another common mistake people make when using these boots is wearing them with too much sole support in the heel. While it may be tempting to wear a pair of boots with extra support in the heel because this will give your ankle more protection while you’re walking, it can actually do the opposite and put your ankle at risk of injury.

The problem here is that extra support in the heel can cause your foot and ankle to twist awkwardly while you walk, which could lead to a sprained or broken ankle if you fall over or have an accident while wearing these types of boots.

If you have weak ankles, then wearing any extra support in the heel could potentially cause further injury by putting strain on your ankles, ligaments and tendons. Instead of worrying about how much support there is in your boots’ heels, focus on how well it fits around your leg and ankle instead – if it doesn’t fit comfortably, then there’s no need for extra support.

  1. Wearing the Boots without Socks

Another mistake many people make when wearing walking boots is not wearing any socks with them. When you wear these boots without any socks, you’re likely to feel some rubbing on the inside of your feet.

This can cause you to get blisters, and this could be very painful if it happens. Instead, it’s a good idea to wear socks when wearing these shoes as they’ll help protect the inside of your feet from the rubbing that could occur if you don’t have any socks on.

If you do have blisters, then it may be a good idea to apply some calendula cream or other natural remedies. This will help to soothe them so that they don’t become infected and start to get worse as time goes on. It is among the reasons why many people recommend using natural remedies for minor injuries or ailments because they will help to heal them without causing further pain or discomfort in the process.

  1. Wearing Over-The-Calf Boots Instead Of Mid-Calf Boots when Hiking

Another mistake many people make when wearing hiking boots is not wearing the right type of top-wear. These boots are designed to be worn over the calf and not mid-calf because mid-calf boots don’t provide as much ankle support as over-the-calf boots.

If you wear these types of hiking boots, it’s a good idea to wear long, thick socks with them so that you will get the ankle support and protection you need.

  1. Not Wearing the Correct Size

This is a common mistake that many people make. The wrong size can lead to discomfort, making it difficult for you to find the right fit. Make sure you go through the sizing process carefully and have measured your foot correctly before ordering a pair of boots for yourself. You can find the right part at your desired outdoor apparel shop. Besides the boots, you will also find waterproof trousers, and other outdoor trousers.


You may be a newbie in using these boots for hiking and other outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it your best shot. The outdoors is a place where anyone can feel free. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature and leave everyday stresses behind, and finding the proper outdoor boots is crucial. By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid them and reap full effectiveness from your selected outdoor footwear.