Do You Have Dark Circles

Few aesthetic problems worry those who suffer from them as much as dark circles. The reason is straightforward. Both they and their sometimes inseparable companions, the bags. Give a tired look to the entire face that ages the general appearance more than wrinkles can.

We admit that getting rid of dark circles is very difficult: it is one of those aesthetic workhorses that is difficult to eliminate, as happens with stretch marks or cellulite (unless we put ourselves in the hands of aesthetic medicine). But, in addition to camouflaging them well with a concealer, we can do something to reduce them to the minimum possible expression, both with some suggestions for our lifestyle and specific cosmetics.


The causes of darkness around the eye are multiple. “If we talk about genetics or internal causes, dark circles are caused by poor blood microcirculation in this area or an excess of pigmentation. But other lifestyle factors can also cause them, such as lack of sleep and rest, poor diet, stress, smoking, drinking excessively or even being in front of screens or driving too many hours,” explains Consuelo Mohedano, director of training at Shiseido.

This confinement time does not help reduce dark circles, as Mohedano points out: “The extreme situation can lead us to sleep worse or suffer any form of internal or external stress. We also spend more time viewing digital screens; we can suffer from vitamin deficiencies D and C, an excess of dryness in the environment does not help keep the eye contour in ‘good shape’ either…”.


First of all, you have to sleep well. It sounds hackneyed, but it is the reality. If it not achieved naturally, and less so with the falling, “infusions, diaphragmatic breathing, practising yoga or any activity that we like and relax will help: cooking, reading, singing … “suggests Consuelo Mohedano.

Of course, and although it is now more difficult than ever because they are our connection to the world that we cannot reach. We should reduce the number of hours we spend in front of the computer and the ‘smartphone’.


It is essential to reduce dark circles and their characteristic darkness to use eye contours with an appropriate formulation for this problem that moisturizes and, if possible, “with an arachnological fragrance that enhances the relaxed state of mind as those of Shiseido”, says Mohedano.

But, above all, an anti-dark circles contour will focus on improving blood microcirculation. For this reason, “it will include antioxidants such as vitamins C and D. Technologies to protect and repair the interior of the capillary vessels. Also, everything necessary to provide immediate luminosity to the area by optical control of light”, highlights the expert.


Finally, Consuelo Mohedano reminds us that the method of applying an eye contour helps reduce dark circles (or increase them if we do it wrong, so be careful). “You always have to slide to facilitate absorption without pressing, not to damage the microcirculation. We recommend doing it with the ring and middle fingers that have less force,” she indicates.

There are several massages or facial gymnastics techniques that can help us; here is one of them, the anti-friction application of a contour that Consuelo Mohedano tells us:

  • With the tip of the ring finger impregnated with the product. Three dots of cream apply under the eye at the height of the bone.
  • The ring fingers are placed gently in the area where we have applied the product to heat the skin for about five seconds.
  • Then, gently spread the cosmetic with the ring fingers, always outwards.
  • It is finished with very soft sliding movements that end at the corner of the eyes.