How To Avoid Summer Health Hazards – Summer is the most predictable time of the year. But if proper measures are not taken, it carries some health risks. We give you some recommendations to take care of yourself.

To enjoy the summer without putting your health at risk, it is necessary to practice some preventive measures. While it is true that it is a season characterized by good weather and fun, it also carries certain risks of injury and illness. What should you know about it?

Seven health measures to enjoy the summer

The excellent weather during the summer, added to the holidays, makes this time one of the year’s favourites. And although the atmosphere, in general, invites you to relax, it is essential to practice some precautions to protect your health from the risks that the season and activities entail. Here are some tips.

1. Moderate sun exposure

Indeed, it is the most frequent recommendation made for this time. Fortunately, it is thinkable to protect yourself from sunlight. You have to implement the following:

  • Wear a hat to protect your head.
  • Wear light, light clothing to stay calm.
  • Apply sunscreen with a Major protection factor and reapply it every two or three hours. Also, repeat its use after leaving the sea or the pool.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Stay in the shade between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon to avoid the most excellent UV radiation hours.

2. Stay hydrated

Much is said about taking care of the state of hydration, but the cleanliness of the ingested drinks is also essential. It is recommended to consume two to two and a half litres of water, preferably bottled. Running or tap water can increase the risk of an intestinal infection.

3. Take extreme precautions when swimming

Summer is also the time to enjoy the water, but you have to do it with all the precautions. On the beach, you only have to bathe in the areas set up for this purpose and make sure there are lifeguards. The golden rule for divers and swimmers is never to swim alone. Any situation can be fatal if no one is nearby to help us.

Regarding diving headfirst into the water, it should only done if the depth of the site known. A blow like this can cause serious injury. Three critical points that should avoid for safety are the following:

  • Take baths in the sea at night.
  • Bathe after a heavy meal.
  • Bathing in the sea or swimming pools after consuming alcohol.

4. Prevent diarrhoea

In addition to drinking water precautions, you also have to watch your food. Whether you prepare them yourself or eat them in a restaurant, it is always advisable to observe hygiene.

Just remember that it is a hot season, so food spoils faster. In this regard, it is essential to pay attention to the following:

  • Store all perishable food in the refrigerator.
  • Please wash your hands very wellbefore preparing food or consuming it.
  • If seafood products are finished, they must be fresh and should never be eaten raw or undercooked.

5. Protect yourself from mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are very annoying, as they cause itching. In addition, they can be severe if they transmit infectious agents such as those that cause West Nile fever, dengue or malaria. The latter tend to shipped by mosquito bites in tropical regions of the world.

Therefore, if you travel abroad to enjoy the summer, it is convenient to find out about the contagion zones of these conditions. To prevent bites from this and other insects, it recommend to use a good insect repellent. Similarly, it is helpful to wear clothing that covers most of the body.

6. Travel with the usual medications

In summer, short or distant trips are commonplace. But before hitting the road, make sure you take your usual medication. In addition, this summer has one more peculiarity, the pandemic. Therefore, if you are thinking of travelling internationally, it is necessary to consult the risk traffic light and the vaccination requirements.

It is also important to keep medications away from sunlight and heat. Remember that there are drugs that produce photosensitivity. If there are doubts about this, it is best to consult a doctor.

7. Enjoy the summer without overdoing it or taking risks

Some places can enjoy during the summer and have a great party atmosphere. But the everyday dangers are there at all times. If you drink alcohol, you have to try not overdo it and forget to drive any vehicle.