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Cosmetics Write for Us

Cosmetics Write For Us

Cosmetics Write For Us – It is common to confuse a cosmetic product with medicine, which can lead to insignificant breaches. Although we all know how to identify a cosmetic, it is sometimes difficult to determine if it could have medicinal use.

What is a cosmetic?

Any substance or preparation intended to be brought into contact with the various superficial parts of the human body (epidermis, hair, and capillary system, nails, lips, and external genital organs) or with the teeth and oral mucosa. With the exclusive or primary purpose of cleaning them, perfuming them, modifying their appearance, or keeping them in good condition.

In summary, the cosmetic product is used for hygiene (toiletries such as shaving creams, deodorants, soaps, and shampoos…)and the body’s beauty.

They are usually applied topically (cutaneously).

So, Cosmetic or Medicine?

As a general rule, products that claim to have a therapeutic effect (for example, to prevent or treat diseases), or that contain certain active ingredients that are not allowed in cosmetics are considered drugs/medications.

Due to this fact, they must be subject to their own rules and controls.

Consequently, to know if a product is a cosmetic or medicine, it will be necessary to see if our cosmetic product claims to have any therapeutic effect or if it has an active ingredient that is not allowed in cosmetics.

Are there products that can be cosmetic and medicine at the same time?

There are products that are sometimes difficult to classify as cosmetics or solely as medicines. They are called “cosmeceuticals”, although this word is not recognized by law.

A very common example would be acne-fighting creams. This type of product usually has an antibiotic component to treat pimples (medication) and, on the other hand, improves the appearance of the skin (cosmetic).

A particular case is that of products such as essential oils. If it is marketed as a fragrance to add value to the cosmetic, in terms of attractiveness, it will be a cosmetic. But if this essential oil is sold for aromatherapy, to help you sleep, it is a medicine.

Continuing with the oils. When it comes to massage oils with the aim of lubricating the skin and giving fragrance, will be cosmetic. Instead, if the product has an intended therapeutic use, such as relieving muscle pain, it will be a medicine.

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