What is DevOps?

DevOps is an  English acronym for development -development- and operations -operations- refers to a cultural and professional movement focused on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and professionals in IT operations.

The term first came up at the Agile 2008 Toronto conference in a talk on ” Agile Infrastructure,” where Yhens Wasna and Patrick Debois discussed misconstructions between development and systems teams that delayed project supply. As of 2009, the term developed popular due to the celebration of the DevOps days in Belgium, which have since replicated in various cities around the world.

What is DataOps?

Data analysis takes a long time in many organizations due to the rigidity of processes and technology. #DataOps is used to identify and remove bottlenecks that slow down the development of #data analytics.

What is GitOps

GitOps primarily stems from the need for Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery.  #Git, the number 1 #development tool. GitOps is based on using Git as the single source of truth for applications and declarative infrastructure; in this way, #GitOps tools like #ArgoCD ( which you can see how it works in this post ) can alert you to any differences between Git and what is configured on K8s, and if there is a difference, Kubernetes reconcilers automatically update or revert the configuration

What does a DevOps developer do?

At Tribute Technologies, we are expert developers of business software and apps both in Madrid and internationally. We, as DevOps developers, apply the DevOps methodology, so if you have any questions or need expert approvals about your project, contact us now without any commitment.

Technologies to apply DevOps

If something characterizes DevOps, it is mechanization. Some gears such as Docker, Puppet, Jenkins or AWS Lambda are so associated with DevOps that it is difficult not to consider one or the other to speed up development processes.

Because orchestrating, testing, and deploying code from integration tools is automatic, cloud infrastructure can keep pace with submissions in today’s market.

However, Are you intellectual about developing a software project and don’t know where to start? Then this guide on enterprise software development is sure to come in handy.

Is GitOps a replacement for DevOps?

We often asked this question when we talk about DevOps. And the answer is no!

Basically, DevOps is a practice that considers cultural, process and technology factors. In DevOps, culture is critical for making sure people align and work seamlessly. However, GitOps includes those best practices that unify application deployment, management and monitoring, and cluster management of #containers.

Is DevOps a methodology?

Some gurus define it as a methodology, others as a culture closely linked to agile methods.

The reality is that they are a set of procedures that effectively require a cultural change in companies. Allow for building more agile and efficient teams.

What are its benefits?

  • The main one is to simplify the administration of the implementations. The application configuration and deployment environments done declaratively (YAML/JSON).
  • There is version control of both the infra and the apps. Any deviation from the version configuration immediately detected and corrected.
  • All deployments allow a quick rollback and leave an audit trail of their executions.
  • Application deployments are fast and reliable.