Before Applying Makeup

An expert finishing makeup involves preparing the skin beforehand. If you want a flawless face and a long-lasting look, use these products before applying makeup.

When it comes to putting on makeup daily, we go in a hurry and resort to the basics to have a presentable face: a BB cream, a little mascara and off we go. However, you want to wear a more elaborate makeup that highlights your features and leaves us with perfect skin for special occasions.

You don’t need to invest time or money to achieve a red carpet-worthy beauty look.

It is enough to do it with care, use the right products, and treat the skin well beforehand.

Before putting on makeup, take care of the skin

The first step of the facial routine is cleansing, using a toner, and then a serum and your specific moisturizer.

Don’t forget to moisturize your lips so that the lipstick won’t crack. But from the moment you apply the cream until the foundation enters the scene, there are a series of previous products that will make the difference between a beautiful face and a truly spectacular one.

What products do you have to apply before makeup

If you want to dazzle, use a flash ampoule before starting makeup. Small bottled miracles transform your skin with a single application, leaving it immaculate. Anti-ageing ones, intended for extra nutrition and luminosity, are indicated for oily skin.

Isdinceutics Instant Flash

A true bestseller is the Isdinceutics Instant Flash from ISDIN (13.90 euros), which promotes an immediate lifting effect, or those from Germinal, a multi-award winning classic.

PIXI Detoxifeye Eye Patches

An actual best seller is the Isdinceutics Instant Flash from ISDIN (13.90 euros), which promotes an immediate lifting effect, or those from Germinal, a multi-award winning classic.aIf dark circles bring you down the street of bitterness, get some patches and use them before putting on makeup. For example, the PIXI Detoxifeye Eye Patches (25.99 euros) decongest, smooth and revitalize the eye contour.

And just before launching into makeup, Enrique Crespo, national makeup artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty, assures that the secret of long-lasting makeup is “preparing the skin with a ‘primer’ or primer that not only beautifies the skin but also acts as a fixative . for our makeup background”.

Primers are transparent formulas that do not give colour since their objective is to perfect the appearance of the skin, leaving it smooth and uniform. They hide imperfections, turning the face into a pristine canvas before makeup. Depending on the type, they will reinforce one need of the face or another.

Infallible Primer from L’Oréal Paris

Mattifiers that hide pores or moisturizers. Infallible Primer from L’Oréal Paris (6.64 euros) stands out as the best seller on Amazon, smoothes the complexion and ensures long-lasting makeup.

Similarly, an eye primer will help your shadows settle and blend better while also helping them to last unblemished until it’s time to remove your makeup.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay (15.99 euros) promises an indestructible eyeshadow for 24 hours. Now yes, it is time to put brushes to work with makeup.