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Diet Write For Us – A healthy diet allows our body to stay healthy and protected. A healthy diet means that we consume all the nutrients that are essential for our body. Those who have decided to watch what they eat can now enjoy good health and a healthier quality of life.

Are you also from this group of people? Remember that if your diet is unhealthy, you will have a greater predisposition to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and anemia. Hence, the decision to improve your quality of life depends only on you. Therefore, if you want to know what healthy eating is and how it benefits our health, pay attention to this note.

Let’s get started: What do you think about healthy eating?

A healthy diet means that it provides all the essential nutrients and energy that each person needs to stay healthy. And what are those essential nutrients? They are proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and water. According to the Dietary Guidelines, healthy eating begins with the following:

  1. Choose natural foods as the basis of the diet.
  2. Avoid processed and ultra-processed foods to prevent diseases.
  3. Practice a healthy lifestyle.

According to MINSA, a balanced diet means varied; it can contain cereals, tubers, beans, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, eggs, fats, and sugars.

How to have a healthy diet?

If you want to start enjoying the assistance of eating healthy, here are some tips that will help you achieve it:

Eat different types of food each day

It is preferable to consume a variety of foods every day because our body needs various nutrients and energy that a single food may not be able to cover.

Always eat fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals that will protect your health and also contain dietary fiber, which is necessary to lower sugar absorption and reduce cholesterol in your blood. In addition, they favor digestion and have few calories! Ideally, you should consume two servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit a day or 400 gr of fruits and vegetables daily as recommended by MINSA in its Food Guide for the Peruvian Population.

Do not abuse the consumption of animal fats.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Animal fats, except those from fish, increase the rincreaseesity or heart disease. Therefore, instead of preferring fats of vegetable origin (sunflower, olive, soybean, corn), they should be part of your daily diet. Remember, fatty foods may taste good, but they provide more calories than others, so you should not eat them in excess.

It is recommended to consume adequate amounts of animal fats, except milk fat, which can cause heart disease.

Reduce consumption of red meat

Continuing with the topic of healthy eating, we will discuss fish, chicken, and turkey with less saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s more! Fish meats have good fats that help prevent heart problems, and a study found that consuming fish at least once a week substantially reduces sudden cardiac death.

Remember that red meat from beef, lamb and, pork, cured meats, sausages, offal (brains, kidneys, liver) and, egg yolk contain saturated fat and cholesterol. These foods raise blood cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Add milk to your diet!

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, so it will help you keep your bones and teeth healthy for a long time. If you are over 25 years old, you should consume an average of 3 cups of milk daily, while if you are younger, about 4 cups. Yes indeed! Always prefer the consumption of low-fat milk. Remember that milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt, quesillo, and cheese, contain good-quality proteins.

According to the FAO, Dairy fat spreads are relatively high in fat in the form of a spreadable emulsion, mainly of the water-in-milkfat type, which remains solid at a temperature of 20°C. According to the Pan American Dairy Federation, milk fat is essential for human health. For example, it can help strengthen the immune system and inhibit the development of cancer and arteriosclerosis.

Reduce salt intake

Salt is the primary basis of sodium in our diet. Most people consume too much salt, 9 to 12 grams daily on average, or twice the recommended intake. For adults, the WHO recommends consuming less than 5 grams (a little less than a teaspoon) of salt per day. Practical measures: remove the salt shaker from the table, prepare meals with less salt, and reduce the consumption of canned and prepared foods.

Reduce sugar intake

The WHO suggests that sugar consumption in children should not exceed 10% of the daily caloric intake on a 1,750-calorie diet. For example, a tablespoon of ketchup contains about 4 grams of added sugars (about a teaspoon), and a single can of soda contains up to 40 grams (about ten teaspoons). Remember that excessive sugar consumption is associated with an increased risk of obesity.

Much of the processed food that is currently consumed already contains sugar in its preparation. In addition, eating candies, sweets, etc. It also favors the appearance of fearsome dental caries.

benefits of eating healthy

Are you learning about what healthy eating is? These are the reasons why this type of diet is the best choice, according to the World Health Organization:

  • You protect your body from malnutrition.
  • You prevent the development of non-communicable diseases.
  • You reduce the risk factors for your health.
  • You prevent overweight and obesity.

Remember that healthy eating habits begin in the first years of life; breastfeeding promotes healthy growth and improves cognitive development. It can also, In addition, it can provide long-term benefits, including reducing the risk of being overweight and obese and having noncommunicable diseases later in life.

Start a healthy eating regimen today and enjoy its immediate and long-term benefits. Accustom your children from babies to this diet, and you will see how they develop strong and healthy!

If you are interested in what healthy eating is and how it benefits our health, do not hesitate to share it with your family, friends, or social networks. Remember that we must all maintain good nutrition.

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