Fitness Watches

A blood pressure watch can help hypertensive people control their blood pressure. Perhaps recent events have pushed many people to take a more proactive approach to health. The truth is that high BP can cause heart attacks and strokes. According to researchers, it is the cause by which more than nine million people die annually.

However, if this is identified early enough, it can be handled well before it becomes an unrelenting enemy. Checking your blood pressure frequently is the best way to identify signs of high blood pressure as early as possible.

The five most outstanding blood pressure Fitness Watches of 2022

1. Withings ScanWatch

The best smartwatch to monitor your health

The scanwatch, Fitness Watches a watch focused on health, and it achieves this thanks to the ECG sensor, the measurement of blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. But it does not provide blood pressure values.

Instead, a scan can uncover breathing disturbances and sends a notification when an irregular heart rate is detected.

In addition, the ECG electrocardiogram works by taking a spot reading on the device. It is done from the clock itself and only requires standing still for 30 seconds.

2. ASUS VivoWatch BPHC-A04 a Fitness Watches you must have

Monitors the health, well-being and activity of the user

The ASUS VivoWatch a Fitness Watches BP is equipped with ECG, PPG medical sensors and ASUS HealthAI technology. A smartwatch allows you to monitor your health, well-being, and activity, with standard smartwatch functions and a compact and lightweight format.

With the ASUS HealthConnect mobile app, you can easily and quickly monitor your blood pressure and heart rate.

And it has 28 days of autonomy for everyday use, so the VivoWatch BP becomes a smartwatch that provides health and wellness advice that can help you improve your lifestyle.

3. Prixton Smartwatch

A practical watch for ECG and blood pressure

The Prixton Smartwatch is a Fitness Watches with which you can measure blood pressure and even make an electrocardiogram through its ECG function, which you will see on the screen to know in detail.

It is compatible with iOS or Android devices, has a 1.3″ 240×240 TFT colour screen, and connects to your mobile via Bluetooth 4.0.

It also allows you to know how you sleep at night and if you rest adequately. Then it will show you the details of your hours of sleep.

The Prixton IP67 rated, so water and dust won’t seep into the watch. But it also means that it is not suitable for swimming.

4. Naixues Smart Watch

Stylish and affordable blood pressure monitor

The Nexus smartwatch automatically measures blood pressure and monitors heart rate every 10 minutes. It also automatically tracks the duration and quality of sleep with a comprehensive analysis of the data when you sleep.

It is only available with a stainless steel strap with a 1.22″ high-definition spherical screen. However, it is not a touchscreen, but you can choose the interface according to your preferences.

It has sports functions, calorie counter, steps, sedentary alarm, anti-lost, alarm clock, countdown, stopwatch and remote control camera.

5. Popglory Smartwatch

The cheapest basic sphygmomanometer watch

Popglory smartwatch provides blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen data. It is an excellent way to pay attention to your physical health. Moreover, It can also measure sleep every night, which helps you know how well you sleep.

It also has different sports modes and can track exercise and daily activity data like steps, calories, distance and active minutes.

You have all the information from the application, and you can configure it as you want. The weather report automatically updated every hour. And it allows you to control music playback like pause, play, next and previous, but not the volume.